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In Words: Steel Prophet

- Steve Kachinsky - Sep. 2002 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Steel Prophet: Steve Kachinsky - live 2000
Claudia Ehrhardt

Steve Kachinsky (by email) - September, 4th 2002

It's been awhile since we heard of Steel Prophet the last time. Now the band of guitarist Steve Kachinsky is back with their new album Unseen, but now they are without a singer! A lot to talk about!

I first want to talk about the main topic these days when talking about Steel Prophet. Your singer Rick left the band, what happened?

We had a lot of problems over 12 years and finally our relationship needed to come to a close, due to lots of tension.

Have you already find a new singer? Or are you still auditioning? Can you give us any details?

No, we have not found our next singer yet, but we have been taking demos and have received a couple good ones so far.

So, the album is out, but you have no singer... So, I guess we won't see you soon on the stage, right?

You're right, you won't see us very soon, but hopefully before the end of the year.

Actually you haven't toured in Europe with your last album here in Europe. Why?

We did a tour of the US for Book Of The Dead. We had more support for the US tour than for Europe, so we went ahead and did that.

Don't you think that after the tour with Lefay and Angel Dust you should kept playing here? It was a good tour...

Well, yes we are really overdue for another European tour at the moment! Maybe when we have our new members we can try to get to Europe again.

Anyway, your new album Unseen is in the stores. So, let's talk about the album! Why you choose Unseen as the title?

It describes things that exist, but are unseen. Things like spirit, radio waves, and atoms fall into that category. You can argue which ones are real, but there are obviously some things that are unseen, but still quite powerful.

The new album is different to the previous albums many people say... What do you think?

I think it's got some differences and a lot of similarities. It's just a continuation of what's been done in the past, but with some hopefully fresh twists. It requires a few good listens with some concentration and attention paid to the music for it to seep in, just like most music, except perhaps pure pop. Sadly, many reviewers only play the first seconds of a song once and then try to write a review. You can't write an accurate review like that, but I understand when a person needs to listen to 20 albums in one night and then write the reviews the next day it may have to be that way.

Is it probably different, coz things which have been unseen influenced it during the developing / recording of the album?

There were things going on behind the scenes with the studio, band and record company that had an indirect influence on the songs and sound. We had a lot of problems to deal with regarding the recording of this record. It almost didn't get made.

Or did things changed with 9/11? Actually, how much did it effect your life? Travelling, etc.?

The main things that changed were people's perceptions of their overall safety in the world, which is always uncertain. People started to get more fearful, and started to come together in hopes of alleviating the fear.

Do still recognize a difference between the time before the terrorist attacks and afterwards?

Not much, things seem to have gotten back to the way they were before for the most part.

Back to the album... I really like the cover artwork. Was it an idea of the band?

Ken Kelley did it; an artist who has also done Manowar, and the Kiss Destroyer and Love Gun covers.

How are the reactions so far? I guess you already got mails from fans...

Well, it seems we've got two camps; the ones who think it is the best thing we've done and then the ones who think it's not as good! The truth must be somewhere between the two...

I know that you're constantly writing new songs. Is these days everybody involved in the songwriting? Do you think it's good to write the songs as a band?

No, the writing isn't done as a band. I think it's unfortunate that a lot of musicians seem to only concentrate on making their particular songs a priority on an album. I think it's a very good idea for every member to treat each song on a CD as if they wrote it, and try different things with it. That way there is a great possibility that a new idea will come out and enhance the song. In the end fans don't care if the reason you don't have the greatest songs is, because people don't want to contribute to other's songs. They just realize you don't have awesome songs.

What inspires you for song writing? What happen to the songs that don't make it on the album?

Maybe we use them later, or use a part or idea from the song in the future. Some will just die, never to return!

Even if you had line-up changes the band released albums almost every year. So, isn't the time right to record a live album?

Yes, it's definitely time for that. We'd like to put the past in perspective, and then head into a new era with our next singer and guitarist.

These days everybody is releasing a DVD. Any plans for that?

Yes, we have lots of footage from concerts, tours, studio sessions, etc. and we'd like to put it out for the die-hard Steel Prophet fans.

You played live a lot.... Did you recognize differences between the countries?

Yes, certain places are more enthusiastic than others are, and each country has different ways of showing their appreciation. The ways of metal heads are all pretty similar everywhere though, everyone is there to have a great party!

Which is the best place for you? And where would you like to play?

I haven't been to every country yet, but I like to play in Germany, Italy, Spain, USA and Holland the best, but all countries are great, if they have Steel Prophet fans! I'm still hoping to go to Greece, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Brazil and Australia, so ask me again in a couple years!

Do you think that 2003 will be the year of Steel Prophet?

I don't know now, but I'll tell you in 2004!

Will we see you at festivals all over the world?

Let's hope for it! It would be great to play Wacken, ...And Bang Your Head again, as well as some US festivals like ProgPower, ...And Milwaukee...

Do you think the time is right to open up for a big name? Any band you would like to tour with, if you could choose?

Well, Iced Earth would be cool, because they are in the same style more or less and I really like that band. I feel the same about Dio, and Ronnie is a friend of mine. Metallica would be good, because they are huge, and we could play in front of 20,000 new people every night. Maiden, Halford or Priest would work great, because we are compared with them a lot. I'd also like to tour with In Flames, because they are a favorite, or Solitude Aeturnus and Trouble - two more big faves. Jag Panzer is a great band to tour with also!

Famous last words.... Anything you want to say to the fans?

Hi fans, what did you have for breakfast this morning? Just joking around! Hope everyone is doing great!

So, this is it for now from the Steel Prophet camp. But we'll keep you updated and as soon as they have a new singer there is more to talk about!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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