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In Words: Steel Horse

- Willy Gascón - Apr. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Steel Horse at the studio
© Steel Horse

Willy Gascón - 13th April 2009 (by email)

Spanish band Steel Horse presents traditional heavy metal, time to learn more about them!

Steel Horse is a quite new band, please tell us about the beginning of the band!

Hi Claudia!! Well... The band was formed on June 2007, after quite my old band Dead End Road. I've talk with our past singer Jorge Cortes, and then we started to search a drummer.
Ricardo was a friend of a friend of mine. We'd been talking and jammin' around some Priest covers…and that's all!! (laughs).

Why did you choose the name Steel Horse? And what does it mean to you?

A friend of mine suggest me the name. It sounds very classic so that´s right for us.

Musically you seem to be based in 80's heavy metal, but you also have some speed metal parts. Which bands influenced you?

Our favorite bands are Priest, Maiden, Black Sabbath, Accept, etc... We like Helloween too. But our principal influences are Iron Maiden and Judas Priest without any doubt.
There many bands that I can tell you like Wasp, Saxon, King Diamond... It's a never ending list (laughs).
We love playing fast tunes. Our drummer is a diehard fan of the Helloween's Keeper Of The Seven Keys, and I like so much bands like Accept, Megadeth, Vicious Rumors... We also like Agent Steel, but we considered our band a classic Heavy Metal band.

What inspires you when you write songs? And do you write as a band? Or does someone comes up with a finished track?

I usually to write all the music, and them, Jorge (singer) write the vocal lines and some lyrics… We like to talk about different stories: war, religion, good feelings / bad feelings...

Raise Your Fist is your first release and I guess you had more songs to choose from... So, why did you choose this 4 tracks for the EP?

When we recorded the demo, we only have 6 or 7 tunes, so we recorded the first 4 tracks that we wrote. We wanted a demo that when people hear it, will see the different sides of the band.

MySpace is very important these days and I guess you get some feedback there. Are you satisfied with the response to your music?

Absolutely!!! The response of the people to our music is great! To me is amazing, the fact that there are people in Japan, Brazil, New Zealand, Germany, Iceland… that can hear our music.

You are from Madrid, can you play live in your area? Or is it tough to get gigs?

Well... It's not too complicated play in your town. The problems came when you want to play in other cities. You need to play with other bands, because the ballrooms or clubs don't wanna risk with unknown bands. But with a few organization you can play everywhere.

Many Spanish bands stick to Spanish lyrics, you decided to use English lyrics. Why?

We grew up with our bands like Baron Rojo, Obus, etc... But our favorite music is written in English, so we did the same. Also, we want to play out of our country, and this is the best way to do it.

As the EP was recorded in February 2008, I think you have already new songs written... Will you soon record again? Another self-released demo? Or will you try to get a deal?

We just finished the recording sessions of our first album called Wild Power. It will be released on November 2009 here in Spain, and we are now working to released also in some countries of Europe.

Last, but not least... What is on your schedule for 2009?

Now, we are to play some gigs here in Spain and trying to get a deal with any European record label. Also we are going to work the possibility of play some gigs in Germany and UK.
Our intention is play in every city that want us and make good promo of the CD.

Sounds like the Madrileños are ready to hit the road and to rock Europe. If they play somewhere around, check them out! And keep an eye open for their CD!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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