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In Words: SpellBlast

- SpellBlast - April 2010 - Mike Thompson -

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SpellBlast - April 23rd 2010 (by email)

SpellBlast are a talented Italian power metal band that recently stunned me with their amazing second album, Battlecry. I wanted to find out more about this band and their thoughts on the new album...

Battlecry is for me one of the best albums I've heard this year. Are you guys happy with how it turned out and the reaction to it so far?

Wow, you're making me blush! Of course we are proud of the 12 tracks that are contained in Battlecry, it was really hard work and we're satisfied of its sound but surely we will not stop!

How long did the album take to record? Did you have any problems during the process?

It was a long travel from the first day in studio 'til the exact moment that the master was finally 'born'. We began in early October and finished about the end of February. 5 months full of 'emotions'.

Its been three years since the release of Horns Of Silence so what's been going on in the world of SpellBlast in this time? Apart from writing the new album of course!

What's been going apart the songwriting? Are you serious? Do you really think that we've got any time left? *laughing* Seriously, for the first year after the release of Horns Of Silence we've been busy with the live activities, then we've changed drummer and.. the songwriting is begun! Time is so pitiless!

The cover art for Battlecry is far more aggressive looking than the cover of Horns Of Silence, which had an almost mystical quality to it. Does this reflect the band's slightly more aggressive style? You seem to have moved away from the more playful style of Goblins' Song, for example.

Surely this album it has a different approach, our lyrics have shifted from fantasy to an epic style. The change is also underlined from a massive breathtaking rhythmic section more than the previous one.

You've had guest singers on both albums now with both Damnagoras and Fabio Lione providing vocals. Do you use guest singers to add something different to your songs or is it due to the singers themselves wanting to appear on your albums?

Well, besides being two great vocalists, Damnagoras and Fabio are two really great guys. They listened to our product and showed great interest in it, so when we asked them to join they were really pleased to accept! Working in the studio with such big names has filled us with pride.

What was it like to work with the great Fabio Lione? Will he be joining you for any live performances of the songs?

One of the most electrifying experiences in our lives! He's really friendly and proof that, ten years ago when SpellBlast was born it was only a dream.. now it's become true! And Of course, he will be on stage with us on 23rd April when we do a gig for the release of Battlecry and he will sing with our Jonathan that day! It will be a real kickass night!

You played at the Bloodstock Indoor festival in the UK before the release of Horns Of Silence. Any plans to return? Maybe to the Bloodstock Open Air festival this time?

Trust my word brother, if the organization of BOA call us we will leave Italy in no time! English metalheads are really great, we bring that day carved in our metal hearts!

What's your favourite SpellBlast song to play live and which song from the new album are you looking forward to introducing at a gig?

Surely Goblins' Song for the great participation of the fans crowd and History Of A Siege: Heroes and Slaughters for their impact.

Which bands are your biggest influences? What are your favourite bands at the moment?

We haven't specific influences. Everyone has something different to put into the song writing and this is the reason for the mixture of sounds that you can find in SpellBlast's sound.

Your lyrics are generally very fantastical so where do you derive your inspiration? Books? Films? Are any of the band involved in role-playing or anything like that?

The crazy guy that have wrote the lyrics of this album (our manager Genocide) is a great fan of Manowar, so you can easily understand from where the inspiration has come! *laughing*. This, united with a passion for Norse culture, is the right mix for the content that we have on Battlecry.

Mike Thompson


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