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In Words: Sinner

- Christof Leim - Sep. 2008 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

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Christof Leim - Sept. 16th 2008 (by phone)

Again electronic devices haven taken me by surprise, my new phone and the recorder don't agree with each other and so I have a loud humming on the recordings. Partly I could hardly understand a word and so I had to rely on memory...
Easy guess that the reason for a chat with Christof Leim is the new Sinner album Crash & Burn. In my opinion the album is heavier then the predecessors... "There Will Be Execution was much closer to Primal Fear, but if you compare it with Mask Of Sanity - which is more in the vein of Whitesnake - then it is heavier. If you listen to e.g. Connection, then you get pure Thin Lizzy." I agree and Christof continues "With Primal Fear Mat and Henny are running an internationally well-known band. Sinner are more open, so they might sound like Thin Lizzy.... The song Crash & Burn Mat wrote together with Igor of U.D.O. - they are close friends and that's probably the reason why that tune is more heavy..." At the end its all a matter of personal taste... One will love it, one will hate it. In my opinion the guitar sound is heavier - even at the rocky tunes. "Music isn't physical variable like temperature, you can't measure heaviness. Perhaps it's very easy to explain, this time both guitarists - me and Henny - were in the studio at a time." Christof told me. As we are talking about individual preferences I told Christof that Little Head and The Dog are the songs I wouldn't miss, even if the single The Dog isn't a bad one. The guitarist was pretty relaxed about this and confessed that The Dog divided the people. And that Little Head as a cover sticks out, and that it's okay. "But I have good news for you, the bonus track at the limited edition is Fast Decision", he told me after I mentioned that I listen to Sinner since Fast Decision. And he continued "The guys already were in the studio, I joined them a day later, coz my daughter was sick. Markus Wosgien and Klaus talked Mat over to re-record Fast Decision. Henny changed the riff a bit and then it worked! Live we always played songs from all every era. Last time we played Danger Zone, Mat said afterwards that the words just came - subconsciously. Comin' Out Fighting we play live a lot." Everybody has his / her favorites... "The songs from the 80's and even 90's have been more demanding, but towards the end of the 90's the songs became more heavy." Even if Crash & Burn isn't as heavy as There Will Be Execution, so Crash & Burn has quite heavy guitars. "There haven't been any arguing when we recorded Crash & Burn. Everybody was cool about who plays which part. It's more to show that we aren't too old to rock! No ego clashing, we are more mature and everybody is doing his job and that's it." They are all in the biz for so many years, they don't have to proof anything at all. Last time I missed them on tour, so I wanted to know, if I will get the chance to catch them this time. "We are seriously talking about a tour in November with Ross The Boss. It should kick off at November 14th with Southern Europe and at November 22nd we will play in Bochum." he adds. More tour dates you'll find at the homepage! Christof continues "I'm really looking forward to tour with Ross! We had a release party at Hamburg Headbanger's Ballroom together with Ross. He is a great guy and has a lot stories to tell." Furthermore Christof told me "Sinner isn't a band of people who can just go on tour for 3 months, some of us have kids. But it will be fun to be on tour and we are really happy with the new album. The album rocks! And we will play some songs live!"
Crash & Burn offers a variety of sounds, so I wanted to know which songs represent the album best in Christof's opinion... "Heart Of Darkness is an ear catcher. Nothing new, but combines the essential sounds of the last 3 decades. Well, beer should taste like beer, right? Beside that there are songs which carry a rock'n'roll vibe - and Henny adds the punch. That type are Face To Fist, The Dog and Revelation. The Dog is also our first single and I love it! With Crash & Burn we have a Whitesnake retro sound... a bit like 1987. Like A Rock is a typical Sinner track. The boss announced, 'Let us do a rock'n'roll album!' And that's what we did. Sinner are more open then Primal Fear when it comes to the song writing, Henny has more freedom writing Sinner song. Connection is a great tune, but not for Primal Fear! Therefore it fits well to Sinner. So, everything is fine. We just let everything pour out and it's simply rock." Soon they will hit the stages and then... "We want to play Crash & Burn live, and then there will be another album. This is as sure as eggs are eggs!" he adds. So you can look forward to see Sinner live and that there will be more of them in future. And the 30th anniversary is coming! Rock on!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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