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In Words: Sin7Sins

- Gen Morphine - Nov. 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

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Gen Morphine - November 29th 2010 (by email)

With Sin7Sins another female fronted band from the Netherlands is emerging, but they are different. Their debut is called Perversion Ltd, time to find out a bit more about the Dutch. Thanks to guitarist Gen Morphine who answered within no time!

First please tell us a bit about how everything started! And why did you name the band Sin7sinS?

Sin7Sins started out as a project in 2006. Back then it was just me (Gen) and Lotus. We released a demo and with that we found the other three band members. We became a band at the end of 2007. From that point on we have always been searching for our own sound, which has now led to the release of our debut-album Perversion Ltd.
I named the band Sin7Sins because it represents what we stand for. Do whatever you want and don't be held back by decadency or fear. Call it hedonism.

With Perversion Ltd you just released your debut album. So far, are you happy with the feedback you got?

Yes, we are very happy with the feedback we have received so far. All major magazines / webzines have reacted very positively. And even more important so do have the fans.

Which songs represent Perversion Ltd. best in your opinion?

7even Stitches is probably the song that represents our album best. It combines most of the key elements in our music.

Are there any plans to do a video?

Yes, there are plans for shooting a video in the nearby future. However at this point I cannot tell you more than that it will be a video of the song Dead World. Further details are still a bit uncertain at this time.

Can you tell us a bit about the lyrics? And what inspires you?

With this album we have had a lot of focus on sexual aspects and hedonistic themes. We also like to rattle some religious chains. There are also a few personal lyrics on the album.

And which bands influenced you in the past? And what are you listening to these days?

I am and have always been a heavy metal omnivore. I listen to a lot of different kind of bands. Most influential have been bands like Rammstein, Manson, Murderdolls, etc. Those influences and my love for female vocals in metal have led to the sound of Sin7sinS.

There are many female fronted metal band around these days, what makes Sin7Sins differ?

I believe that we distinguish ourselves with our own and unique sound. We are not what people expect when they hear the term female fronted metal band. We combine different elements into our music which makes it more appealing to a larger crowd then that of most other femmetal bands.

You already played some shows in your home country as well as a short tour. You will soon play a show with Within Temptation and two with Epica. A good chance to make new friends?

Of course, it is always nice to meet other musicians and by supporting these bands on stage we get a change to introduce ourselves to the audience.

Can we expect to see Sin7Sins at some festivals? Or club shows outside BeNeLux?

Hopefully you can. We are currently in negotiations with a major Dutch booking agency. They will be planning our tour schedule starting in January 2011, so we expect to be playing a lot of gigs next year inside and outside of the Benelux.

Anything I should have asked? Something you want to add?

No, I think we covered most grounds. I do wish to add that anyone who is interested in Sin7sinS can find us at Thank you for the interview. Gen Morphine.

I have to thank Gen for his quick reply and if I make it to one of the scheduled shows there might be the chance to talk in flesh - and he might be able to reveal a bit more then.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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