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In Words: Shadowman

- Steve Morris - Feb. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

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Steve Morris - February, 2nd 2009 (by email)

Shadowman just released another album and I took the chance to send over a few questions. Steve Morris was so kind to answer my questions and he enlightens us a bit about Shadowman!

Shadowman was born out of a cooperation for a Boston tribute album, but it seems that the magic was there right away.... And hooked you up. Do you think it was destiny?

I don't know if it was destiny, that Steve O. and myself started working together, but I liked his singing and he my guitar playing, so we decided to try a few ideas, and it worked. So we started our first album and here we are at number 3.

Everyone in Shadowman is pretty busy with one or the other band / project. Is that part of the magic, that you come together to share a musical vision outside the main spots?

Yeah, I suppose we are kinda fresh when we all meet, and we all have different points of reference,musically. The Thunder guys love playing the Shadowman stuff, because we give them more room for improvisation.
We should thank Khalil Turk from Escape for introducing us to Harry and Chris. They are the perfect rhythym section for Shadowman.

You have one main songwriter... How much influence did the others have?

The songs are written by myself and Steve O. I record the whole record myself in my studio. We then replace my drums and bass with Harry and Chris. But I give them free reign to play how they feel the track should sound.

The album Ghost In The Mirror is out for awhile. How satisfied are you with the feedback? And enlighten us, why the title Ghost In The Mirror? What's your ghost?

We have had a great feedback for Ghost,from magazines like Classic Rock and Fireworks and all the internet stuff. I'm satisfied because the record is exactly what Steve and I wanted in terms of feel and direction. This record has a stronger set of songs, and a better production than our earlier two.
I don't think I have a ghost. If I do I can't see him/her.

How satisfied are you with the sound of Ghost In The Mirror? And what makes Ghost In The Mirror stronger then it's predecessors? And how important is the Hammond for your sound?

Tommy Hansen the engineer and mixer, was responsible for the great sound. We recorded the drums in big room at Parrst studios in Liverpool, and the Hammond as well. So that helps.
The Hammond is very important for the album. It underpins each track, and Steve Millington is such a great player. I love it.

At the new album you have also other elements woven into the Shadowman bluesy rock sound - Outlaws has a country / Southern rock influence and Blues City even goes jazz... A way to put your influences into the music? Or a way to make Shadowman differ from similar bands? Or a bit of both?

There are no musical boundaries in Shadowman. I like all types of music, so if I come up with and idea like Outlaws I'm not afraid to put some country licks in, or even a bit of Jazz in Blues City. Who knows, I might write a complete country rock record next time round!

I think with the new album more fans will ask for live shows... Any chance to catch you at least at a festival stage?

It's difficult to say if we will tour, as the Thunder guys are so busy, Steve O. is doing different things, and so am I. But I would love to hear these tracks live as well. When I was Gillan we toured like crazy and I got a bit burned out, but yeah I do miss the gigs.

And talking about the internet... Everybody says it's an important marketing tool... But there is no virtual home of Shadowman - it seems, even if some members have their websites. But why no Shadowman website?

The internet is a salvation for rock bands, but Im hearing a bit more rock on the radio these days, like Alter Bridge and Kings of Leon, so It may be coming back!
We are currently putting together a website for Shadowman.

What's on your schedule for 2009?

2009 will see a new Shadowman release with Tommy engineering again. Khalil chose him, and we have no complaints.

Cheers Steve Morris

Even if I hope that they will find time to play some shows, it's good to know that there will be more of Shadowman in 2009! But now as Thunder is putting to rest later this year the chances are probably better to bring Shadowman on stage... Anyway, lets wait and see - and listen to Ghost In The Mirror.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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