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In Words: Seven Ends

- Seven Ends - April 2012 - Lars Bjørn -

Seven Ends
© Seven Ends

Seven Ends - April 20th 2012 (by email)

The band Seven Ends is out with their new album To The Worms, and we couldn't wait to hear a few comments from the band about this new stuff.

Now your career has just started, so please tell us about the beginning of the band? And why did you choose the name Seven Ends?

The beginning of Seven Ends was actually the ending of a former band called Blacklist. Our guitarist Ricardo and vocalist Jan used to play in Blacklist, and when that band ended they decided to continue (with another name of course). First they needed a drummer. Cor actually already rehearsed with Blacklist once or twice, so he was the obvious choice. Noud joined on bass soon after. We needed a second guitarist as well....not as easy as it sounds. That took us over a year to find one who was up for the job. Tim stayed with us for about a year, then he was replaced by Leon, our current guitarist.

Our name, right..... When we were looking for a band name our drummer Cor used to write down everything he thought of. After a night of heavy drinking he found this piece of paper with Seven Ends written on it, not knowing how he came up with that. Somehow we thought it sounded like us, so we went with that.

When did you start writing songs for the album To The Worms?

Since we started the band. Cadaver Throne is actually one of our first songs ever.

Do you write songs as a band? Or is there a main songwriter?

The music is written by Ricardo (guitars) and all the lyrics by Jan (vocals). But in the rehearsal room it has to come together. So crossing the I's and dotting the T's is a collective effort.

What inspires you to write music/lyrics?

Our music is inspired by all the great bands out there. Our lyrics are about social, political and religious topics. But also, like one of our favorite bands Hatesphere states, blood, beer and Satan.

By the way: What bands/artists made you start playing? And which bands/artists are you listening to these days?

I started playing stuff like Pro Pain, Skinlab and Sepultura. Nowadays I'm all into the faster thrash like Slayer, The Haunted, Testament, and death metal like Vader and Vomitory. And Alter Bridge, even though it has nothing to do with our music.

How long did the recordings take? Where did you record To The Worms? Who produced the album?

Pretty long actually. We didn't book a studio to record it in 3 weeks or whatever. We recorded the drums in 2 days in The Pit studio (Weert, NL). We did the rest of the recordings ourselves. Our guitarist Ricardo did the production. Mixing and mastering was done by Andy Classen in his Stage One studio (Borgentreich, Germany), known from stuff like Legion Of The Damned, Belphegor, Krisiun etc.

Who did the artwork? And how is it tied to the album title?

All the artwork was done by Jan, our vocalist. It's a picture of a graveyard gate. The title To The Worms, Buried in the ground....with the worms: I'll send you to the worms. Our title track is about a sick mind with intent to kill, like you see a lot in the news nowadays. The lyrics are written in his point of view. We've chosen this title for our album because the topic death is found in most songs.

Which songs do you think represent To The Worms best? And why?

The title track show what we're all about. Hypocrites Of Faith has some more depth. So I would say those two.

Will you do a video? Which songs would you like visualize?

We would sure like to. But like always, it's a financial matter. We would probably do a video of To The Worms.

I guess already got some feedback. Are you satisfied so far?

We are. We get different reviews. Some are real good some are not. The thing we hear the most is that we are not original. But we don't even want to be. What we do is straight forward fast and aggressive thrash. Gotta like it.

What about playing live? I noticed that you have not played so many shows, are there anything new on the way from you?

We haven't been playing nearly as much as we want to. But we are currently talking to some bookers who like to work with us. So more is coming, hopefully soon.

Do you plan to record some live footage - not talking about pro shots - for YouTube or similar platforms?

We have some live footage from our Wacken Open Air gig. But unfortunately there where some problems with different it's useless. Bummer.

Talking about the internet...Social network is both a blessing and a curse. What's your opinion about it?

Internet is a good way to reach a lot of people. But people get spoiled in this way too, and they buy less CDs. And that's critical to the survival of a band.

What's next on your schedule? Anything you want to add to the interview?

Getting our asses on stage! We hope to welcome you one day on one of our live shows and drink a beer with us.... and buy the album!! Cheers.

Thanks a lot guys. Exactly as you put it, get your asses on the stage, that is the way forward.

Lars Bjørn


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