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In Words: Saint Deamon

- Ronny Milianowicz - June 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Ronny Milianowicz
Saint Deamon

Ronny Milianowicz - June 15th 2009 (by email)

Drummer Ronny Milianowicz is not just working with his band Saint Deamon, he's also a song writer and producer. A busy man, but he was so kind to answer some questions about their new album Pandemonium.

The new album is called Pandeamonium. Why this title?

Because our my and Jan Thores life was kinda messed up at the time and also what happen in the world right now is quite frightening. I mean look at North Korea and all strange viruses. Its a quite dark time on earth, even if we in the western world have it quite pleasant.

How satisfied are you with the feedback so far? And what do you expect from the US release?

I can't belive my eyes when I read most like it even more than the first album. I mean the debut is really strong and it's fucking hard to make a sequel as good.

What's the difference for you between In Shadows Lost From The Brave and Pandeamonium?

I guess its little more mature in some ways. Little harder and more bombastic arrangements. But also the soft is softer so maybe its more of everything. I wider musical direction perhaps.

You already did a video for Pandeamonium. Why did you chose this one? And does video clips make sense again with the growing popularity of YouTube and similar platforms? Nowadays its important to be present at platforms like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, etc. How much influence has this on you?

We do it on YouTube and MySpace for our fans. I think we need it since we are workoholics and work everyday in the studio and so on we should get our asses wiped for not making more buzz on our homepage so at least we have a video! :-)

How much did playing some live shows influenced your work?

That's the biggest difference between Lost and Pandeamonium that we play as a band now. That's why the new album has so much more progressive parts since we know each member and what they are capable of on their instrument.

So far you mainly played shows in Scandinavia and a few in Italy - and festivals. How was it to go on stage with Saint Deamon? Was it different compared with Dionysus?

Yes, the guitar solos was 50% shorter ha,ha. The feeling live is little harder and more solid compared to Dionysus which were in a way more fast note circus, even if I loved it at the time. Saint Deamon what's more with their music and artistic goals, that's the big difference and also what inspires me.

A few shows are already scheduled, are there more to come? Anything in the works?

I'm waiting for confirmation about going on tour with a German high screaming band that are our friends. :-)

Ronny, you also contributed some songs to the latest Place Vendome album. Are you writing a song and later see who it would fit to? Or do you write with them for a certain band, in this case Place Vendome?

It's different, Completly Breathless and Surrender Your Soul were written before I knew for what artist it would be. A Scene In Replay was custom made for Kiske. and the songwriting included both Jan Thore and Toya on it.

As a song writer, how would you like to write a song for? Or with whom would you like to hook up for some writing?

I'm not restless that I need to change songwriters all the time, but I love to work with people I never worked with before, since you always learn something new. But surely I will always have some people I will write with for the next 20 years as well. I prefer a 50/50% mix, if I could choose. Roy Z called me the other day and asked if we could write something for his own band Tribe Of Gypsy and I never wrote something like that before, so that would be a new challenge.
And hey, if Roy ask you a favor I would do anything for him, he is an amazing person that I admire both musically and on a personal level.

What's on your schedule now?

Oh God, let me see, I just mastered a album yesterday with mastermind Jens Bogren with a band called Thyreos that I mixed. Mixing and producing is a dream coming true since last year, since it started on a more pro level. I'm gonna produce a album with a female Norwegian singer called Issabelle and I'm also writing material for Fergie Fredriksen (ex-Toto) and Hess (Harem Scarem) and some other band that I will produce this summer.
Oh, I will have 1 week of holiday with my family, that is something I'm really looking forward to right now. Without the inspiration fuel and love and support of my family the metal thing would be impossible to make.

I hope that they will get the tour confirmed and that Saint Deamon can rock the European stages! I would be great to see them, so make sure you don't miss the Swedish!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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