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In Words: Saidian

- Markus 'Engel' Engelfried - July 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Saidian: Engel

Markus 'Engel' Engelfried - July 15th 2009

Saidian are around for quite awhile, after being through some changes they are now presenting Evercircle. Singer Markus 'Engel' Engelfried answered my questions, partly not too seriously...

This is the first interview we do with Saidian, so please tell us a bit how it got started? After a few beers in a jolly mood?

Puuuuh, that was real tough! It started with a belch.... Once there were a few musicians who didn't really get it together. One of them said: "Let's call our band Obsidian and play some cool music!" Well, the 'OB' sounds like a belch in front of the word 'sidian', so we skipped it and started toying around with it. Well, some beers been involved... And at the end we came up with Saidian - and it has no meaning. :-D

Your debut For Those Who Walk The Path Forlorn was released in 2005 and then you been on tour with Jon Oliva's Pain... How was that tour? I guess, most people didn't know you...

The tour was cool anyway! In general it's a real experience and then the groupies... Okay, the groupies were all there for Jon Oliva's Pain, but it was still cool. ;-)

Phoenix was released the following year and then it got a bit quiet.. What happened? And why did it take so long til the release of Evercircle?

Well, more people knew us and so we had some groupies - and taking care of them took time... *grin* Beside that there were the change of the label and things like that... It took a bit to record and mix the album...

Why the title Evercircle? And what does the name mean to you?

This time I wasn't responsible for the title, this time it was our keyboarder Markus. He likes all this mystical stuff. I would preferred Pussy Metal On The Way To Summit or Happy Metal For Everyone. ;-) Okay, seriously... It's more a philosophical point of view... that everything is part of a never ending circle... in this world and in life in general.

What's the connection between the title and the artwork?

Well, the Evercircle is in the background and the lady in front is just there for me. I need something nice to look at. He, he.

With Tokyo you have a cover of an old song. Who had the idea to cover this tune from the pre-Craaft-days?

That was our manager. ;-) He had the idea and we really like the song. Our keyboard got a creative boost and tune to song into a metal track. He made the song more Saidian-like.

Have you got feedback from someone from Tokyo?

I think Klaus Lulay (singer) likes our version. But our manager was in touch with them, so I'm not really up-to-date....

Why did you choose the cover version for a video? And not one of your own tunes?

First, we all love the song and our label likes it as well. Second, I just wanted to act in front of a camera with some beautiful Asian girls. ;-)

How long did it took to write the songs? Have you already written some new stuff?

The songs on the album been written in about a year... Haste makes waste. Right now I have about 6-8 ideas, but what comes out of it, tile will tell. Sometimes I thrash an idea and then I wake up at night and have the right idea to finish the song. So I pick it up again and work on the song for 2-3 days - and that's it.

As far as I know you had a line-up change... How much did that effect the recordings?

Not at all. ;-) Roberto Palacios has played during the recordings and then we got a new bassist. Unfortunately we had to face that Stephan, the new bassist, doesn't really fit into the band. So we are looking for the right guy now. *grin*

What about live shows? Are any shows scheduled? And what's next on your schedule?

I can answer this at once. We will try to play live as much as we can - and a tour would be great. Unfortunately it isn't easy to get the right one. So, please cross your fingers for us! I guess next year we will head into the studio again, coz we don't want to waste time and give the fans a new album! Our fans had to wait too long for Evercircle, this shouldn't happen again! ;-)

So it's all wait and see... You might see them live or you have to wait for another album... Like Engel said: Haste makes waste! ;)

Claudia Ehrhardt


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