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In Words: Sai

- Andie - Aug. 2008 - Felix Thelen -

Sai band photo

Andie - August 2008 (by email)

Sai is a young band from Sweden and as most won't know much about them, here a bit to enlighten you! Andie was so kind to answer Felix questions - and here we go!

If everything runs as well as you have fancied?

It's feeling good so far. We've received almost 4,000 plays in just 2 weeks since our EP came out and people seem to like it!
And we are playing live as much as we can...

How is the relation inside the band?

It's good - most of the time. Sometimes we fight in the band, but all bands do that of course. We're like siblings.

Who is propelling by virtue of Sai?

Do you mean who started the band? Arian was the first, then he found the rest of us through friends and advertisements.

How originate songs? And who is the head of composing?

The inspiration for songs come from everywhere. Life, people, events and so on.
Arian does most of the music, but when it comes to lyrics Huy & me (Andie) help out too.

Which dreams you have regarding the bands career?

We are hoping to take this as far as we can. We live for music and we live for our band! The dream is of course to be able to live with music as our only job.

What are your aims?

Aims? Right now we're promoting our EP a lot and later this year we are probably going to release more music and maybe a video. We hope to find a label in a not so distant future too. :)

How you become this style? Which bands are your idols?

We listen to many Japanese bands in the so-called 'J-Rock' genre. They usually mix a lot of musical styles, so basically we ended up doing that too!
But we throw everything we like musically into our mix. We have people in this band who like everything from Madonna to SlipKnot!

Who has influenced you?

The bands which have influenced our sound the most, would have to be MUCC & Luna Sea. But there are so many more...

Did you have always heard that kind of music?

All of us discovered J-Rock in our teens.

Why you have decided to found a band and to make those music?

We want to make music, because it's the best thing in life according to us and we don't want to do anything else. Hopefully we'll be able to bring something fresh to today's music scene.

What's your message for your listeners?

Keep an open mind to all music you hear and of course listen to ours too! :)
And if you are listening to our music already, then we hope you like it. Stay tuned for more...

Were you already outside Europe?

No, we have not gone outside of Europe yet. We are hoping to visit countries such as Germany next year though, along with Norway, Denmark and more.

How would yours perfect tour look like?

It would be long, intense and take us across the entire world!

Last question... Do you want to say something to our readers?

Thanks for reading, check out our music and hope you like it! Keep rocking! Sai loves you!

Thx for your time!

Felix Thelen


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