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In Words: Sabu

- Jörg Deisinger - Jan. 1997 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Jörg Deisinger (by phone) - January 2nd 1997

Sabu is the new band of Jörg Deisinger, Angel Schleifer (both ex-Bonfire) and Paul Sabu (e.g. Only Child). Why Jörg & co. decided not to continue as Bonfire, Jörg told on the phone.

How does it start? Why haven't you continued as Bonfire?

After Bonfire broke up, Edgar, Angel and I continued making music together. After a while we realized that we headed into different directions. Edgar had a different musical vision, so Angel and I continued. At that time Angel lived in Arizona for several years already and once when I visited him in the States we met Paul. We jammed and wrote some songs together. At that time we already had realized that this is no longer Bonfire. In the beginning we decided to work with Michael Bornemann. We did some demo tapes and played live. It took awhile until we realized that it won't make sense to continue. But working with Paul was still amazing and I called him up. That was the beginning of Sabu. We named the band Sabu, coz it is a simple name which you can recall easily. It's definitely not a solo project of Paul!
When we decided not to continue as Bonfire, Claus and Hans were interested to use Bonfire again and so we passed back the name to them.

Some people say that Sabu sound more like Bonfire than Bonfire do. Anyway, why you chose this cover artwork?

It was my idea and so I simply throw this amulet into the sand and photographed it. It looked good and so we used it for the cover.

How are the reactions so far?

Very good, the CD reviews were good resp. superb. Just the critic at Metal Hammer was not as good as the others. At the Metal Hammer are a few editors who aren't objective, they judge other musical genres lower than their favorite genre...

They should try to be objective and not give a lower mark, just because it ain't their cup of tea. In that case you should just judge about the musical skills....

Unfortunately not everybody thinks that way! Last week our album got released in Japan and sold fantastic!

And the critics?

Do you know Burn!!!?

Sure, its the biggest and most important genre magazine in Japan!

Burn!!! gave 90 points out of 100! Also in other magazines we got highest ratings everywhere.

The music scene in Japan is different.

Yes, there they are not into grunge and punk music, there most magazines don't support that kind of music.

Also there is a kind of special bonus for German bands!

We are a German-American band, coz Angel these days feels more American than Ger­man.

How do you experience the change in the music scene nowadays? It seems that melodic metal and traditional metal is coming back....

Everything comes back... The wheels of time bring back even the music of the past. In America they signed Blondie! The music of the 70's is trendy now.

Kiss are back with their make-up as well, like in the 70's!

There is a saying which tells that in hard times, the music is hard, too

That's what we just leave behind, the hardcore and the California punk. At the moment more melodic stuff is getting popular.

Nowadays you hear more melodies, but not just mellow stuff. I will have fun when I'm on stage. And usually the fans want to have fun at concerts.

Personally I have no fun, when I'm watching someone like Phil Anselmo who's raging on stage.

I prefer someone like T.M. Stevens! That guy has fun on stage and so do I watching him.

Will you tour?

It seems that we won't tour, but it depends on the record sales. To be honest, I don't have high hopes. It won't make sense to tour, if there is not enough interest in the band.....

There are a few bands which are known, not the big names, but... They partly played in front of a few fans last year... Just a handful of people....

Right, it make no sense. Okay, as support it might be okay, but even to support you have to have decent record sales. I think we won't tour before the 2nd release.

It should be mentioned that everyone in Sabu has a kind of extra job which allows them to spend time in working with Sabu and also gives a kind of safety. For example, Jörg incidentally got a job at a record label. A long time friend of him has his own small label and too much work, so Jörg helped out and soon became part of the company. Beside that USG Records were the one who signed Sabu.... Kinda family business.... ;-)

Claudia Ehrhardt


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