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On stage: Stryper

- Stryper - Jan. 2010 - Milan (I) -

- Stryper - January 19th 2010 - Milan (I), Alcatraz -

An incredible event on 19/01/2010.... For the first time Stryper walk and play in Italy. The venue is not so full, but is possible to see some entire families with little children, over 35 years and also a monk in the audience!!! Stryper conquer every kind of people..... But anyway, let's talk about the show!!! Stryper start the show with Soldiers Under Command, Murder By Pride and Loud'n'Clear, a way to start really incredible!!!
Stryper had made a 'no breathing' show, all the songs were made without a pause between the tracks, so the ballad Honestly and the other songs like a cover of Boston (Piece Of Mind) or the half of Breaking The Law, 4 Leaf clover were fading so fast.....
The show ends with To Hell With The Devil and after 85 minutes without a break, we need more... But for tonight Stryper had shoot all their best tracks and bibles on us!!!!
I hope that they will return soon here with a longer show.....

Umberto Mino


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