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On stage: Skid Row

- Skid Row - Mar. 2010 - Houston TX (USA) -

- Skid Row - March 20th 2010 - Houston TX (USA), Golden Peacock Room at House of Blues -

Skid Row - live at Golden Peacock Room

Skid Row - live at Golden Peacock Room

Skid Row - live at Golden Peacock Room

Skid Row - live at Golden Peacock Room

Skid Row - live at Golden Peacock Room

This was a private show for some guy's 40th birthday party. I got in by being friends of the opening band, Citizen X, one of the area's top party/cover bands. They got the party started with high energy covers from such diverse bands as Alice In Chains, Metallica, ZZ Top, Soundgarden, Lynyard Skynyard, Kid Rock, Ozzy, and Rage Against The Machine amongst others, plus a couple originals.
Then it was time for Skid Row. They haven't been quite the marquee band since the departure of Sebastian Bach about 15 years ago, but they always seem to be on tour. Current singer Johnny Solinger may not have quite the charisma of Bach in his prime, but he's as good of a singer as Bach ever was. Though they were on a tiny stage in front of maybe 150 people (Johnny joked he was going to pass the mike around so everyone could introduce themselves), the played with the energy and intensity of a packed arena. They stuck mostly to their hits with only a couple songs off their last album. I'm a much bigger fan of club shows over big, flashy arena shows, so seeing a band like Skid Row up close and personal was a real treat.

Skid Row are:
Johnny Solinger - Vocals
Snake Sabo - Guitar
Scotti Hill - Guitar
Rachel Bolan - Bass
Dave Gara - Drums

Jody + Skid Row    Jody + Skid Row

Set List:
Big Guns
New Generation
Riot Act
Piece of Me
18 And Life
Monkey Business
Thick is the Skin
Makin' a Mess
Sweet Little Sister
Psycho Therapy
I Remember You
Get the Fuck Out
Slave to the Grind
Youth Gone Wild

Jody Hickman


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