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On stage: Sicmonic

- Sicmonic, Oxford Coma, Howitzer
& Defenastrate
- Aug. 2012 - Tempe (Arizona, USA) -

- Sicmonic, Oxford Coma, Howitzer & Defenastrate -
- August 2th 2012 - Tempe (Arizona, USA), Marquee Theater -

Well hello my metal minions!

Here is the latest show review for your reading pleasure:

Friday night, August 2nd, 2012 at the Marquee Theater in Tempe Arizona. I pulled up about 5:45pm, doors had already opened. After getting through security tougher than at the airports these days, I was starting to notice this wasn't a 'normal' metal/rock show crowd. This was the most vast array of fans I had never seen at a show before. From hardcore metal heads, preppy college kids, men and women in their 40's and 50's with their work clothes still on, the stoners in their tye dye shirts, girls in pajama bottoms and slippers, parents with young kids with shoes that light up when they walk. WOW! Did I miss a memo somewhere about this show?

The night started off with the head banging band of Defenastrate. Now this band is a band that had a set that got the crowd pumped up with their fast paced, eager to head bang, mosh pit, music. The energy of the band was good and rubbed off onto the crowd. The fire was starting to burn, time to keep the flame rolling so away we went!

Next we had Howitzer. These guys have changed their sound a bit to a bit more of a melodic metal. Personally I enjoyed it more. However their guitarist, Matt Moody, was recovering from a severe illness and it was apparent that his energy just wasn't there on and off of the set. But his voice and playing skills were. Usually with this band you can expect a high energy, all over stage performance and this time around, sad to say it just wasn't there. Even so walking the venue to get an idea of where the crowds where, I spotted a few metal heads rockin' away, with hair flying back and forth at the bar. True metal baby! Howitzer still brought the metal, sick or not.

Up next up was self-described, 'Psychedelic Grunge rock band', Oxford Coma. This band has a sound I have never heard before. This bands' set up had me a bit concerned. Beach balls, the bassist walked out on stage in boxer briefs, a strobe light. Of course there was the instant laughter and group that walked away to the bar but, I had to stick this out. And many others decided to do the same. The beach balls went out and within a few songs the crowd had slowly started to trickle back into the theater. By the end of the set you were in one of two places with Oxford Coma. You either loved them or you hated them. I think with this band there is no middle ground. From walking the crowd, talking with a few of the bystanders who weren't holding beers in their hands, and a few that were, that seemed to be the overall census.

And finally my minions, I close my show review for you with the band of Sicmonic. This is a band that, I oddly enough, had never heard of before and feel I should punch someone in the face for not telling me of them sooner! Their on stage energy is bar none. Having to walk the venue to see where the crowd was, was a hard task because I didn't want to miss anything myself. A few stragglers were at the outer bar getting drinks. For the most part this band had the attention of the venue. Watching the fans from back stage was breathtaking. Especially for their final song of the night which was, a metal version, with fiddle and all of, The Devil Went Down To Georgia. WOW! Talk about getting your energy going!

All in all the show was a good one. A few hiccups and worrisome moments but all went off without a hitch. I hope each and every one who gets a moment to read this also gets a chance to go to at least one show for each of these bands. Trust me, number one, they are super talented and it is a show you won't regret. I give you the total brutal truth regardless of how painful it may be. And number two, every single one of these band members and their crew(s) are super nice and stopping by to shake their hand, photo, or signature is a pleasure for them. So that is all for now. Until next time my minions, keep the metal alive!

Head Banging Brandy


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