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On stage: Scorpions

- Bang-Your-Head - June 2000 - Balingen (D) -
- Scorpions - Sept. 2003 - Moscow (RUS) -
- Scorpions - June 2005 - Krefeld (D) -
- Scorpions & Orange Sky - Sep. 2008 - Port Of Spain (TT) -

Scorpions & Orange Sky
- 23rd Sept 2008 - Port of Spain (Trinidad), Queens Park Savannah -

Wow, what a day here for me. I had been anticipating this show for over two years, now as that was when it was originally scheduled, but due to promoter problems was cancelled, nonetheless, the wait is over, the day came. At work the hours crept by, until around 6 PM when the hunger for real live rock'n'roll could no longer be contained. My brother and I pulled into the venue the Queens Park Savannah at around 7 PM or so, the parking lot was already a buzz with throngs of tailgaters grabbing some pre-show beverages. It's amazing as also in NY the number of metal people you see at shows yet in everyday life these people are seemingly non existent.The metal scene here is damn near dead as far as bands and concerts yet out of the abyss they appear... Anyway that's a good thing as I hope it encourages the promoters to perhaps bring in some more bands.
The aroma of pizza, cigarette smoke, gyros and beer consumed the still humid tropic air. The local DJ was spinning an assortment of 80's rock and metal from the likes of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Mötley Crüe and even a pleasant surprise he whipped out the Hear'n Aid single Stars, the large screens at the side of the stage were used as a music video channel as YouTube burned videos from the likes of Whitesnake and GNR were shown to pass the time before local band Orange Sky took the stage and they did at approx 8:30 PM.
Orange Sky are enjoying fairly moderate international success and have opened in the past for the one and only Yngwie Malmsteen and others in the US. Their sound can be best described as post thrash reggae groove rockalypso, tonight however they played a more 'heavy' set and generally I am unfamiliar with their material, however I think what they played of their newer stuff is more on the heavy side of things. They received a warmish reception from the home crowd, understandably so as the legendary German band was due on stage in a matter of an hour or so....
"Port of Spaaaiinnnn, Trieedaad" roared Klaus Meine to a thick crowd of maybe 10,000 plus, as they plunged into a selection from their Humanity Hour 1 CD. Again I am not really familiar with their material since Savage Amusement of which nothing was played. Anyway, the Scorpions clearly demonstrated why they are such legends tonight, given the limited sound technology afforded here this band tore flesh from limb satisfying the hit hungry masses with spellbinding renditions of The Zoo, No one Like You, Big City Nights, In Trance, Coming Home and Bad Boys Running Wild. The Trinidad audience like many others is primarily a hit-oriented audience and these songs over the years have gotten the most airplay locally as well as being international smash hits. Holiday had quite a sing along, the newer songs including the title of their current CD was also quite well received. A rather complete drum solo from James Kottack kept things interesting as at the end of his solo all members took sticks in hand and provided a percussion pound along with James. Midway through his solo he downed an entire energy beverage in one gulp,and gave the audience a glance of his back tattooed 'Rock'n'Roll Forever'!
Matthias and Rudolf were masters at their craft and experience was a clear cut case of how they ploughed solo after solo from the arsenal of hits fired up tonight. I think Klaus may have been a little shy, but his trademark yelp of "We love youuuu" echoed far beyond the hills bordering Trinidad. After all these years these guys still really seem to enjoy what they do and the Scorps have always been ambassadors of rock music to practically every corner of the earth. A riotous encore of Still Loving You was served and many rockers could be seen grimacing NOT because the song is a ballad, but because of the sheer emotion put into that song and many of us - myself included - have felt that way after the loss of a loved one in a relationship. Lighters abound swaying they supplied another very popular hit Wind Of Change to a capacity sing along. Alas not before hammering out perhaps their most monster of mega hits Rock You Like A Hurricane to a swarming mass of hair, fists - and cell phones and digital cameras. But sadly all things must come to an end and so too did this night, I know for sure the crowd would have loved another few tunes as calls were made for yet another ballad Send Me An Angel. As the stream of drunken and not so drunken rockers disappeared into the night, I was left with a little sadness that knowing I may not see another concert for quite awhile was a reality, yet a warmth came over me seeing the response and size of the crowd. And knowing now I have seen all the major bands live. I would really love to see Dio and Iron Maiden again, I would love to see W.A.S.P. again so much more as well. This show lived up to its hype and the German troops attacked and conquered, not complaining at all as many dates on this tour are acoustic, yet still I wonder what the response would have been had they played He's A Woman She's A Man, Steamrock Fever or even the ever controversial Virgin Killer????

Eamon O'Connor


Scorpions - June 4th 2005 - Krefeld (D), Königspalast

Actually we hadn't planned to go to Krefeld to see Scorpions tonight. I just found out late afternoon that we would go. I had no idea who was opening and beside that it was quite clear that we would miss the support act. We arrived during the change over and took the first look around... First time at Königspalast. About 4,000 rock fans found the way to the new venue. During the last years many metal fans judged the German legend by their albums and didn't go to see them live. But live they still doing a great job, playing lots of old songs. Opening with New Generation they showed that they still rock. From the first second on stage Rudolf Schenker was always in motion while his counterpart Matthias Jabs did a little less moving around, but played one great solo after the other. Both obviously enjoyed being on stage and also singer Klaus Meine seemed to be in a great mood - and in top form. With songs like Bad Boys Running Wild, The Zoo and Make It Real they rocked the house. Its been awhile since I saw them that powerful and so the fans celebrated the old tunes. After Deep And Dark they travelled back in time again with Coast to Coast. Here singer Klaus Meine joined Rudolf and Matthias on the strings. Time for some acoustic - Always Somewhere. And they continued balladesque... Holiday and Winds Of Change. During Holiday Klaus had a sing along part for the audience which worked pretty good, but when he was done, his band haven't been back. He had to ask "Where are you, guys?" to bring back the band on stage. Killer songs like Loving You Sunday Morning and Tease Me Please Me was exactely what the fans wanted to hear. And some fans will probably regret that they haven't seen the show after reading this... Anyway, time for James Kottak to do a drum solo. This guy is crazy! No need to say that Kottak is a way better drummer then Herman ever been. A great solo and with Hit Between The Eyes the band returned. Some more old tunes... He's A Woman She's A Man, Another Piece Of Meat and Big City Nights. And they left the stage... But soon been back with the ballad Still Loving You, but it seems that they want to show everybody that they can still rock and so Rock You Like A Hurrican and Dynamite rocked the house for a last time. Fans missed Blackout... And got disappointed when they returned for one more song - for When The Smoke Is Going Down. In my opinion the perfect song to finish and a song I always loved. Almost 2 hrs they rocked and showed that the oldsters are still alive and kicking, but all the grumblers never show up and just complain that the Scorpions can't rock any more... They proofed that still one of the best rock bands in Germany!
Thanks to Chris and Jeff who wanted to go and arranged everything. It was a great show.

Claudia Ehrhardt


Scorpions - Sept. 6th 2003 - Moscow, Russia

Well, it's not the first time that the German rockers are playing in the Russian capital. Many will remember their show at the Moscow Music & Peace festival back in 1989. There they shared the stage with Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, Ozzy Osbourne, Gorky Park and Bon Jovi. Hope I haven't forgot someone... Now they are here to rock the Red Square! On this September night they started their set in front of a few thousand fans with Tease Me, Please Me. During the ballad You & I the stage was flooded with blue and white light. Fog surrounded the German quintet. Rudolf Schenker - tonight the man in black - played the acoustic guitar to create the balladesque atmosphere. But they also played rockers like Hit Between The Eyes where they were surrounded by green and white lights. Singer Klaus Meine was always trying to keep in touch with the audience and even tried to speak a few words in Russian. Drummer James Kottak and bassist Ralph Rieckermann delivered the sound basis for the guitars of Matthias Jabs and Rudolf Schenker. During the 'normal' part of the set the Germans gave their American drummer James Kottak the chance for a drum solo. Later - in the second part of the set - Kottak played surrounded by clear plastic walls, so that the Presidential Orchestra of the Russian Federation wasn't drowned by his drumming. Songs like No One Like You, Send Me An Angel, Big City Nights and Still Loving You sounded great... Different, but great! It seems that the orchestra musicians and the rockers enjoyed playing together. It was great to see the reaction of fans when singer Klaus Meine started singing in Russian! He ask the fans to sing along, then he changed to English, a Moment Of Glory. At the end of this event they played Wind Of Change - their million seller - where some pyro effects made this one shine. Unexpectedly they played the rocker Rock You Like A Hurricane and fireworks marked the end of this special night. Wow, what a night!!!
For some it probably was the first time, others may have seen them before. I should mention that at the back of the sound and light tower was a huge screen where fans more in the back could watch the show. This was a special night! The show in front of the Kremlin had a very special atmosphere and the part with the Presidential Orchestra of the Russian Federation was amazing. I can just hope that more fans will get the chance to see the Scorpions this way! What about a video / DVD of this night to remember? A live album? Please fulfill the wish of thousands of fans and come back to Russia!!!

Igor G.


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