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On stage: Schelmish

- Schelmish - Apr. 2010 - Mechernich (D) -

- Schelmish – April 30th 2010 - Mechernich (D), Burg Satzvey -

At Walpurgis Night the witches leave their hiding-places and gather to celebrate solstice. They meet at hills and mountain tops, celebrate and dance around the bonfire. And so they do today. Hundreds of witches, warlocks, magician and shamans at Burg Satzvey in Mechernich. Among them Schelmish who sheer up the gathered people with their medieval folk rock for Walpurgis Night.
 Schelmish - live Burg Satzvey © Gisela SchmitzAt 7 PM Schelmish kick off with Die hässlichen Kinder off the album of the same name - and the people welcomed them loudly. At the beginning they had to face some technical problems and so the sound was a bit muddy. After a few songs this problem was solved. After some preliminary words from Dextro the fans were shouting for Freigang which made the people dance. The fans sang along and enjoyed the pipe bags, shalms and the beautiful voice of Rimsbold. His raspy voice is powerful and expressive, pure fun to listen to the music and vocals.
Schelmish - live Burg Satzvey © Gisela SchmitzRight in time for the medieval Walpurgis Night Schelmish present their new album Persona non grata which they wanted to present. Persona non grata is an album full of medieval sounds, something their fans waited for, coz the last one was released about 6 years ago. But the fans have to wait a little longer, coz they didn't played a song of Persona non grata. Until they get the CD the fans could enjoy the performance of Dextro, Desdemonia, Rimsbold & Co. The guys cheered up the fans and made them smile with some jokes.
Schelmish - live Burg Satzvey © Gisela SchmitzThe instrumental For The Clansmen is inviting the fans to dance, so the fans reacted loudly when the band played the first notes - and the robes were whirling as the fans danced. For The Clansmen let over into the energetic Chaos. Spirits already high and you can see how much Schelmish enjoy their music and being on stage. Chaos is Schelmish's favorite song to play at medieval fests and now everybody was infected by the happiness. The fans were clapping their hands supporting Odeno Oro and Mente Capti.
Schelmish - live Burg Satzvey © Gisela SchmitzDextro and the others are always up to playing jokes, telling anecdotes and other intermezzos. The trio infernale - Picus, Luzi and Okusa - showed what music is about. And so they played the theme of Bonanza and Europe's The Final Countdown on flutes which looked like being made of plastic, but actually are colored ivory. And it ain't easy to play these flutes! Anyway, very entertaining and made the people laugh.
A German magazine got chastised with Boulevard, coz they didn't treat Schelmish very nice in the past. After a few introducing words by Dextro everything's fine and so they start into this song off Die hässlichen Kinder.
They show a different facet with the fast and heavy Blitz which made some fans almost start a mosh... And with bright flashes they announce the burning of the witches! And with the dreamy Sommer the Schelmish show is over.
The fans wanted some more and loudly demanded more. And so they returned for Moor, Sag nur ein Wort, Ring Of Fire and 22 Jahre, a song Dextro wrote for his wife Desdemonia. And then it's over. After 2 1/2 hours Schelmish finally left the stage after enchanting the fans at Burg Satzvey. The fans were wandering around between the market stands or watched the burning of the witches.

Set list

1. Die hässlichen Kinder
2. Pank!
3. Freigang
4. Der letzte Kuß
5. Überladen
6. Der Narr
7. Clansmen
8. Chaos
9. Odeno oro
10. Aequinoctium
11. Mente capti
12. Boulevard
13. Marionette
14. Blitz
15. Too Late
16. Andersland
17. 1212
18. Mosaik
19. Wir werden sehen
20. Sommer
21. Moor
22. Sag nur ein Wort
23. 22 Jahre
24. Ring Of Fire

Before the concert we had the chance to talk to Schelmish.
The interview was done with Dextro and Picus by Gisela Schmitz.

The interview is appr. 14 minutes long and in German!

Click here to listen to the interview!

Story: Sarah Fleischer
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


           ©2008-2010 by Claudia Ehrhardt • E-Mail:

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