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On stage: Schattenspieler

- Schattenspieler, Gun Barrel,
 The Claymore & The Mystery
- Aug. 2009 - Ratingen (D) -

- Schattenspieler, Gun Barrel, The Claymore & The Mystery -
- August, 21st 2009 - Ratingen (D), Luthersaal -

The Mystery

The Claymore

Gun Barrel



On a hot August day Schattenspieler invited fans and press for a CD release concert in Ratingen. Being there early paid off, coz The Mystery, The Claymore and Gun Barrel should enter the stage first. Quite a few people already gathered outside and so The Mystery who played early didn't have to face an almost empty place. The foursome kicked off with Take Me To The Light and singer Korry took advantage of the catwalk to get closer to the fans. After the 3rd song Vengeance Is Mine she left the stage for a moment and came back on socks in the nick of time to join in for Soulcatcher. Later she explained that she wanted to look a bit taller and choose her Buffalo's, but figured out she can't rock the stage with these boots. She chit-chatted with the audience between the songs and even got off the catwalk to walk into the audience. Songs like Heaven At War, Running From The Law and Judas Betrayed were welcome. It was quite hot inside and so everybody was happy when windows were opened between the bands.
Next in line were The Claymore who rushed in and set up their equipment. And intro was a sign for the fans that it was time to get back inside. The quintet started into their set with Angel's Assassination. After the title track of their current album Sygn they offered a song from their Monument album - Arborlon. But the fans got real loud when they played the Iron Maiden cover The Trooper. After Slaine the band presented a new track - Behind Enemy Lines - which will be on their next CD. After Soulseeker they were running out of time.
The rockers of Gun Barrel entered the stage next. Guitarist Rolf and his mates were presenting their new singer Silver. Due to some chit-chat with The Claymore I missed the first part of their show, but were back for Brother To Brother. Before they headed into Lonely Rider Rolf explained that Silver is speaking no German and that it isn't just a joke that he talks only English. Then Silver demonstrated the few words he learnt and everybody was bursting out laughing. Last time I saw Gun Barrel their had a temporary replacement on the mic, with Silver they have a way better frontman and singer 'hired'. They had a few more bullets in the chamber and so invited everybody to a rock party with Straight Down To Hell, Power Dive and Outlaw Invasion. This time the change over took a bit longer, but then it was time for Schattenspieler to present their new album Babel live. The sextet created a special atmosphere with backdrops and some bowls with fake fire - a dark atmosphere. They opened up with Das Böse lebt and Sister Terror. Singer David Esser was carrying the show with his stage presence. After Schattenspieler they headed into In Love With A Stranger where The Mystery's Korry joined them on stage for the duet. It was pretty obvious that the majority came to celebrate the CD release with Schattenspieler and so the audience was partying. Meanwhile it was extremely hot and airless, so that I was feeling dizzy and was forced to leave early. As far as I know Schattenspieler played all songs from Babel as well as most songs of their previous release. From what I saw the guys did a great show, but it's David Esser who is delivering a theatric show. I hope to see them again and if I'm lucky it isn't another hot summer day...

Claudia Ehrhardt


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