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On stage: Saga

- Saga - Nov. 1999 - Cologne (D) -

Saga - November, 3rd 1999 - Cologne (Germany), E-Werk

I arrived in Cologne with high expectations, coz Saga been big in the 80's pop scene and still successful in the 90's. About 2,000 fans showed up to see the Canadian quintet. I can't tell a lot about the opening act Amon Ra..... progressive pop rock....
After a break Canadians best been expected and the white curtains opened..... The band of singer Michael Sadler entered the stage and presented a mixture of old classical tunes and new ones. With Full Circle, their latest release the band got back to their beginning in the early 80's. Again Saga presenting chapters.... On the first albums the band from Toronto recorded songs in chapters which tells a story and after several years they're continuing! Remember When and Not This Way are in the tradition of their early works. Michael Sadler is a real entertainer and communicated almost in German with the audience... Why? Michael found his love in Germany and is living here for years, like drummer Steve Negus. The amazing light show supported the fantastic show which includes Humble Stance, On The Loose, Don't Be Late, Wind Him Up and other hits of the Canadian five-piece. They still sound fresh, even after more than 25 years! Part of it is that the members exchanging their instruments! Or they present a pop tune like Humble Stance in a reggae version! After about 70 minutes Michael asked the audience to remain 1 minutes silence... What for, you may ask...... A few days ago Rex Guildo, a German kind of lounge singer, committed suicide. Michael said: "Please keep a minute silence to show your respect to someone who was part of the music scene for more then 40 years! Personally I'm not in this kind of music, but to go on in this business for such a long time and being successful is very special. A singer who was part of the music business passed away and we showed honor his life time achievement!" That gave me shivers and I believe that most of the people at the E-Werk felt the same! A great gesture from great band. Afterwards the show was going on and they played hit after hit. After nearly 2 hours the band finished, sweated, but happy. The audience shouted for encores and they came back...... One more song and Michael ask "Do you want one more?" The audience seemed not to be very enthusiastic, so he counted on..... Finally make ask "Do you want 18 more?" And hell broke loose! He turned laughing and said "Sorry, just one more!" And after 120 minutes the boys left..... Can't wait to see them again! An amazing band which enjoys to play live and after all those years they are like children on a playground..... Excited to be there! Thanks for a very special night!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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