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On disc: Syven

Aikaintaite - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars


(Vendlus Records - 2011)

When you listen to a CD like the one Syven has chosen for their debut album, it's a choice of shutting down the CD player at once or give them a serious try and see what they are made of. Their music is very special, mainman Aslak Tolonen made the instruments himself, Shamanic drums and the traditional Finnish string instrument Kantele. I find it brave to do something that is so out of the ordinary and put it to a record, well aware that this kind of music may only appeal to collectors of typical Finnish music taken from the raw nature of hunting and fighting to survive in the harsh climate.

The 5 pieces of music on their album are built over the same foundation, slow and soft, filled with Finnish atmosphere where the sounds of drums and kantele dominates their performance. Andy Koski-Semmens do the vocal part of the album, and there are also a presence of bird singing from time to time. The songs might appear as slow, but there elements of hidden wildness and power in them which makes it more meant for fighting and put your will into the act. I will not be surprised if this album make a success, it has the quality to do it.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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