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On disc: Sympathy

Anagogic Tyranny - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Anagogic Tyranny

Anagogic Tyranny
(Bombworks Records - 2008)

The Canadian Sympathy was founded by Dharok and been a kind of one-man show, but now for Anagogic Tyranny he hooked up with guitarist Jeff Lewis (Abolishment Of Hate, Mortification) and drummer Jim Austin (Into Eternity).
The opener is called Insurrection and starts with heavy riffs and powerful drumming. The technical death metal is here fast, but also stops dead, just to storm forward again. Jim Austin adds not just a heavy punch, he also shows unusual patters and complex parts. Dharok's vocals partly tend to Black Metal-like scolding, but the growls dominate. After a short mid-paced part they storm off into a fast, thrashy death metal attack with mean growls - that's And All Flesh. But then they surprise with some quite melodic lead part by Jeff Lewis and some mid-tempo passage. At On A Blooded Cross there are classic citations which surprise as much as the vocal melody which is partly Viking metal-like, beside that this one is more blackened death with an orchestra touch. Some parts sound weird... somehow chaotic, but that was Dharok's intention it seems, coz he uses this element on several songs like Ours The Grave. One of the most unusual track is Underworld, Sympathy add here some new elements to their blackend death and show their varying sounds. Very heavy they lead slowly into Potter's Field, a doomy death metal tune, but then they add fast riffing and speed up for a brief moment just to return to the lava-ish sounds.
If you like technical death metal spiced up with other sound elements, then you should check out Sympathy! But also open-minded black metal fans should give it a try.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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