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On disc: Symbols

- Symbols - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Megahard Rec. - 1997)

Another band from Brazil. This time more based in the heavy rock / metal and melodic speed metal genre, but they have some progressive influences. The sextet starts with Scream Of People. They work with 2 lead singers - the Falaschi brothers. The opening track is melodic heavy metal and is interesting for fans who like bands like Pretty Maids, etc. The guitars add some aggression. The guitar lines are good, but the sound could be more screaming... The last part of the song is slow with some acoustic guitars. I think this song gives a good impression about the music of Symbols. While What Can I Do? is a bit more symphonic. Here the vocals are up-front and very emotional... Partly remind me of Michael Kiske... This is one starts as a power ballad, then gets faster and becomes a balladesque power metal track. A quite progressive part with lots of keyboard is in the middle of the song. Actually I think this part should have been shortened... But well, at all this is a very interesting track. With fast, aggressive guitar riffing Save My Soul starts. The phrasing of Falaschi remind me here partly of Bruce Dickinson... And there the high screams. The middle part has some Malmsteen-inspired guitars. A heavy up-tempo track. Acoustic guitars start off Hard Feelings. A real ballad in the vein of Extreme's More Then Words and or Mr. Big. Even if I miss the special magic, but extremely well done for the Brazilian youngsters.
An interesting album. Even if they haven't found their own sound yet, the talented guys from Sao Paulo give a good impression and are interesting for fans of all kinds of metal. Okay, lets say heavy metal, nothing extreme.
As a kind of bonus they added a multimedia part with further information about the Brazilians. Great idea, especially coz they are nobodies to most metalheads.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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