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On disc: Mark Sweeney

All In - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

All In

All In
(Pie Music - 2010)

Crystal Ball singer Mark Sweeney is presenting his second solo album. At All In he gets a helping hand from Bruce Kulick who plays the solo at Too Late. While Robin Beck is joining him for Moments. The first 2 songs are modern rock songs, but they he slows down for Still Alive - a balladesque pop rock tune. The vocal line partly reminds me of White Lion, but Mr. Sweeney can't touch me. A heavy rocker is Gimme A Sign, a song which could have been taken off a Crystal Ball album... The songs aren't bad... For me it's like elevator music, forgot as soon as the doors close behind you when you left it. Actually Too Late is sticking out - due to Kulick's guitar play. Moments is the duet with Robin Beck, but this isn't a song which gives you goose bumps. I see why Demons was chosen to end the album, to be the bonus track, coz it's a fast melodic metal tune. A few heavier tunes would have done the album good... At the end it's again a matter of taste.
To be honest, the songs are well performed, but he can't touch me with his songs. For me the songs he has at hand aren't good enough for an all in - for me this is a bluff. I know that some rock fans will disagree and fans of Mark Sweeney should check out the album. But I highly recommend to check out some songs before you buy this album!

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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