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On disc: Svin Killer

Copropolitan - Carsten Bahr - 6 stars


(Six Inch Nails Records - 2010)

Ukraine isn't known for their international successful bands, but they have an active underground scene. One of these underground bands is Svin Killer. Their album Copropolitan is released by the Indian label Six Inch Nails Records. Svin Killer have found their musical home in grind / goregrind and they offer straight-forward underground sounds. Sometimes very fast and with a punk attitude, sometimes with groove parts - all full of adrenaline. The production isn't crystal clean and shows it's rough edges, Svin Killer want to sound dirty, they don't want to make compromises. This is real, but at the same time the Ukrainians sound like countless other bands. They can't add something which made them stick out. Personally I miss some blastbeat parts, but don't think Svin Killer are playing slow stuff! It's just that I miss some speed changes. On top of it you get this annoying vocals... Well, let's phrase it differently, the singer's screams sound like a swine which slowly get killed and is in total agony. I'm not against pig screams, but I like to understand the words - at least partly. And so this is minimizing the entertaining factor for me. Beside the pig screams you get some deep growls which sound like someone's strangling a frog, vocally this is just for lovers of the every extreme!
The album is quite short, so they should handle it as an EP - or is it sold for the price of an EP? Unfortunately Svin Killer aren't above average, only the energy level of their songs is above the average. Anyway, if you are a lover of dirty, straight-in-you-face grindcore, then Svin Killer might become one of your favorites!

6 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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