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On disc: Svartsot

Mulmets Viser - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

Mulmets Viser

Mulmets Viser
(Napalm Records - 2010)

Svartsot are one of the better known Danish folk metal bands and with Mulmets Viser they present their second full-length. Fans of the band will know that this is an almost completely new lineup with guitarist Cris Frederiksen being the only original member. It seems that this new lineup has gelled quite nicely though!
Svartsot play a style of folk metal which uses a melodic death metal sound as a base over which the folky guitar lines and traditional instruments are placed. Its almost like Amon Amarth with flutes. This comparison is strengthened by the similarity in vocal styles between Johan Hegg and the aptly named Thor Bager. The Svartsot frontman has a very deep, well rounded growl which is great to hear and gives the, at times very happy, music a much welcome heavy edge.
Probably the closest band to Svartsot in terms of sound is Germany's KromleK. Both bands play a very similar style although Svartsot's music is generally more consistent. The whole album lends together very well and excellent use is made of the traditional instruments, particularly the haunting flute.
Perhaps Svartsot aren't the most original band you will ever hear but this is a fine example of modern folk metal done well. Hopefully this line-up will remain stable and these Danish Vikings will grace us with yet more great albums. I highly recommend this to all folk metal fans and, as such, there's only one thing left to say - grab your drinking horn, fill it to the brim with ale, scream your hails to Odin and enjoy this new album from Svartsot!

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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