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On disc: Supersuckers

- Motherfuckers Be Trippin - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Motherfuckers Be Trippin

Motherfuckers Be Trippin
(Lunasound - 2003)

The band was founded as a quintet - The Black Supersuckers - by some high school kids from Tucson, Arizona who liked to hang out together. Now years later there are just four of them left, but they are together for 15 years now. All the time their aim was to do timeless music as their favorite bands do who are AC/DC, Ramones and Motörhead. The band of Eddie Spaghetti is doing simply rock, sometimes with a punk attitude. Even if once in awhile they do a record where they present country rock, but that's just one side of the four-some. Before they started recording - even demos - they wanted to leave Tucson. They tossed a coin and so they headed to Seattle which was a fortune that was in 1989. Soon after Seattle became the rock Mecca of the USA. The rest is history.
The opener Rock-N-Roll Records (Ain't Selling This Year) starts full speed ahead and is a catchy fast rock tune. A song which I can imagine is live a killer. The track Pretty Fucked Up is starting with Spaghetti's voice and some guitar riffing, later the others join in. An up-tempo one with a catchy hookline. Anyway, the songs make you move and sing along, just good time rock. Pure, honest, ass-kicking rock. The Fight Song remind me of the Ramones and some punk rock bands, but due to the vocals of Eddie it has it's own charm. At least the vocals of Eddie Spaghetti - which partly let me think of Hanoi Rocks' Michael Monroe - make this Rock'n'Roll Punk melange outstanding. On Bubblegum And Beer their passion for country rock arises, but just influences their rock. One of my favorites is Sleepy Vampire which starts with some acoustic guitar, then it rocks, but not that vehement than on other tracks. A little more laid back. The more typical tracks I favor are Damn My Soul, The Fight Song and Pretty Fucked Up. Let the pure punk'n'roll take your attention and they will infect you with the punk'n'roll virus. Even if this CD has just 34 min. of music, it's worth spending money. It's pure fun to listen to!
My conclusion: This album will stay on top of my CD pile for awhile and when they come around on tour, I won't miss them!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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