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On disc: Superfly 69

- Dummy Of The Day - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Dummy Of The Day

Dummy Of The Day
(Sweet Lemon - 2003)

With Dummy Of The Day the German youngsters return. The five guys from Essen present again a melange of melodic hardcore (hooklines & arrangements), crossover, punk, alternative rock and metal elements. Sing It With A Smile was their debut was pretty successful and the single Superfly made it into the German single charts. And with Sacred they delivered the title track for the German movie Was nicht passt - wird passend gemacht of director Peter Thorwarth. An interesting band, but what to expect this time? Opening with Mine All Mine which is a heavy tune with a catchy hook. You soon will sing along, believe me. Alternative rock with heavy guitars and a touch of pop. Cool tune. The Germans can compete with bands like Nickelback, Creed and similar alternative / Nu rock acts. The songs are catchy, heavy and the screaming guitar riffing adds a metallic touch. I can imagine that several songs of this release can soon be heard on the dance floors of alternative / metal discos. Also they have a good chance to get airplay. Last Nerd Left In Town has noisy guitars and the vocals put you under a spell. Alternative rock with an enchanting vocal line. While One & A Million Times starts a cappella, then the band joins in. A poppy rock tune, like a heavy alternative version of a boy group song and that should be taken positive. With Diane they have a fast grooving rock tune. A large variety the German quintet offers. A ballad seems to be a must for every release and with Universal Lovesong the Superfly 69'ers present their interpretation of a ballad. An acoustic, mellow tune. Nice.
I don't want to talk about every single song, just want to mention that I enjoy listening to all the songs and it's hard to name highlights, coz all songs on a high level. Perhaps you check out: Last Nerd Left In Town, Mine All Mine, Remember Me....

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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