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On disc: SupaRed

- SupaRed - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Sanctuary Records - 2003)

What shall I expect from this newcomer band musically? It's simply rock! The voice sounds familiar.... Former Helloween singer Michael Kiske is back with a band! Opening with the track Reconsider the quartet starts with a groovy mid-tempo rocker. But the four-some have a large variety to offer. It's been awhile since Michael Kiske released his last album and it seems that it was worth waiting for years for a new album. Most songs are written by the singer who doesn't limit himself. Who's cross­ing borders, if necessary. Track No. 3 is called Let's Be Heroes and it's a rock ballad with power and emotion. A short break before they rock again. He Pretends starts with a strange guitar sound... A groovy mid-tempo one with a catchy hook. The drumming of Jürgen Spie­gel partly remind me of Freak Of Nature's Johnny Haro. Anyway, this is a song which needs a few spins and actually the whole album is a grower. A slow, heavy rock is Freak-Away, one of my personal faves. With Hey Kiske wrote a poop-rock song which would fit into rock radio. Next Ride On which is another ballad, perhaps a little more touching then Let's Be Heroes. Hard to say which is the better one, guess it depends on your mood... On the disc are 14 tracks, a collection of rockers, some pop-rock tunes and some ballads. A great rock album which has the chance to be a Top 10-rock album in 2003... Time will tell. A must-buy for rock / hard rock fans!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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