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On disc: Suicidal Angels

Sanctify The Darkness - Mike Thompson - 7 stars

Sanctify The Darkness

Sanctify The Darkness
(Nuclear Blast - 2009)

Thrash metal has seen something of a revival in recent times with new bands like Municipal Waste and Evile making waves throughout Europe and the rest of the world and old acts like Kreator and Exodus showing the newbies how its meant to be done. In response to this Nuclear Blast have snapped up Greek thrashers Suicidal Angels.
Suicidal Angels are not a new band, Sanctify The Darkness being their third full length release, so they've had plenty of time to find and perfect their own sound. Unfortunately and this is my only real criticism they just sound like every other thrash band. To define it further I'd say it sounds like the bastard child of Slayer and Kreator.
I have to say this is only a minor nitpick. This is thrash, everything's been done before! Well, almost anyway. This is still a thrash album of high quality that denim and leather clad, beer-fueled headbangers will enjoy.
The aggression and energy you'd expect in a thrash metal outfit are present, as are the vicious machine gun guitars and the pounding jackhammer drums! Some criticism has been leveled at the vocals of Nick Melissourgos. While I can understand why he has taken some flak I just don't agree! In my opinion he sounds like a more controlled and decipherable Tom Araya! The vocals aren't overpowering, the guitars hold your attention more than any other influence and I think this is a good thing as I listen to thrash for some aggressive, biting guitar work, not for vocals!
This is a high quality slab of old school thrash. If you're a fan of the genre you'll love it, if you're not its not going to change your mind!

7 stars

Mike Thompson


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