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On disc: Subway

Lola's Theme - Gisela Schmitz - 8 stars

Lola's Theme

Lola's Theme
(Fastball Music - 2010)

The name Subway should ring a bell, if you are a long-time friend of German hard rock, coz the band started back in 1986. In 1990 their debut Dangerous Games was released and with the follow-up Hold On To Your Dreams (1992) they entered the Swiss charts. Their 3rd album Taste The Difference was recorded in Los Angeles in 1994 at the time of the big quake. Luckily the band wasn't harmed. Their self-titled 1998 was the last one before they disbanded in 2003. Singer Francis Soto wanted to continue and so reanimated the band with new members. Now they are back with Lola's Theme. Their current sound is described as melodic rock, but they are heavier, so to me it's hard rock. The album title is related to Francis girl friend Lola Moreno and their relation. Well, nothing new one might say... They know how to play and ennoble the songs on Lola's Theme with some cool riffs. The opener is My Life, a real rocker. The first tracks are okay, but not overly catchy, but the second half of the album is it. One of the highlights is the epic tune The Journey, another the soft rocker Dedicated and the great ballads Don't Cry and Old Photographs (just vocals and piano) or you check out the rocker Control And Power.
The songs on the album aren't state-of-the-art, but they are doing pretty good - what you can expect from experienced musicians like them. So I recommend to check out the album, coz in my opinion it's the best album Subway released so far.

8 stars

Gisela Schmitz
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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