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On disc: Submission

Code Of Conspiracy - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Code Of Conspiracy

Code Of Conspiracy
(Blistering Records - 2009)

The Danish outfit Submission was founded in 2003 and even if they had some line-up changes they played a lot live. In 2006 their full-length debut Failure To Performance was released. Now they are back with Code Of Conspiracy and a new singer - Lasse Sivertsen. That Submission is an outstanding band is proofed by winning several Danish Metal Awards!
The kick off with the instrumental 111008666700 which leads over to Rebel Of Society, a fast, guitar-driven thrasher. I think fans of Darkane and Hatesphere should dig the Submission sound. Guitarists Christoffer Petersen and Kapsar Kirkgaard not just firing riffs, they also add melodic leads. At Imaginary Freedom they ease off a bit, but add some heaviness - and catchy backings. Later in the song they add some clean vocals which make the songs atmosphere change, but then they return to the fast riff-based part. Due to the clean vocal part they remind me a bit of Mercenary, but I think musically they are closer to e.g. Soilwork... With A Terror Within they change a bit and head into a death'n'thrash tune, but again they use clear vocals as a counter part for the growls. A real surprise is In The Eyes Of Tyranny which is a semi-acoustic tune with clean vocals, but with less then 2 minutes more an interlude. Afterwards they storm off with An Illusion Of The Perfect Forever, an angry riff monster. Towards the end they slow down and create a different atmosphere with a distorted spoken words part, just to speed up again. At the instrumental Code Of Conspiracy you won't miss the vocals, the guys know how to make an instrumental sound interesting! The closer is called The End Of Eternity, a fast, heavy track with growls and melodic backings. Well done!
They are very melodic, very heavy and with varying vocals and some surprises they created a very interesting album! And the fivesome proof that Denmark has a lot good bands to offer - Submission is one of them!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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