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On disc: Striker

Eyes In The Night - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Eyes In The Night

Eyes In The Night
(Record Breaking Records - 2010)

What can you get when you build a band and start the recordings in the singers basement of his house. With the great Canadian power metal tradition in mind, Exciter, Cauldron etc, there is also room for the new band called Striker. They do strike, they hit their target of doing dominant and powerful metal with no brakes to the engine. Maybe not the most well-known band, but they are from 2007 and their debut was released in 2010 via Record Breaking Records, and they have a good and well-oiled unit within their ranks. Very active in their concerts and on this debut album their style is melodic heavy metal turning harder and harder, all held firmly together by vocalist Dan Cleary, who is also the one to write most of the songs. He has a tendency of screaming too much on the songs putting the other instruments in the background, but not spoiling the songs in any way, just that if Striker could bring the guitars and bass just a little more to the front I think it could give them a lot of benefit. Full Speed Or No Speed opens their album and sets the standards for the album with aggressive and powerful metal force, also they finish their concerts with this bomber of a song. Eyes Of The Night is the song where Dan Cleary comes most to his right with his powerful and clear voice, one of the best songs on the album. The White Knight gives the listener a blow with earthshaking metal guitars and vocals of full speed. The Voice Of Rock is another example of their powerful rock music where Cleary slows a little down in his vocal microphone torture, and get a great metal result of it. Hang On is the last song on the album and the most melodic and polished track from Striker, well written metal that promises good songs to come in the future. Stay heavy as the Canadian metal lives and breathes.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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