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On disc: Street Child

- Street Child - Eamon O'Connor - 9 stars

Street Child

Street Child
(Hell - 1989)

A very expensive slab of vinyl, easily fetching over 1,000 Euro! Should it even be found, is it worth the price you ask? Well, depends how much you have to spend... How much of a collector you are, etc. But my mission is to review and I will say this is a solid shot of US metal, while other bands at the time were perhaps leaning over to thrash territory or primping glossy videos for MTV. Street Child stood their ground, unrelenting. Their sound is heavy, yet very catchy, their style was unlike other US bands like Deadly Blessing or Apollo Ra, in that the vocals are never high pitched, although Jesse Odom executes a masterful presence on the songs. Take the opener Temple Of Seth it will draw you in with its haunting yet heavy riff, while the title track brews into a banging metal attack after an acoustic intro. Erotic Insomnia is a ripper, fist banging power metal classic. The EP closes with a rather heavvily influenced Maiden-esque piece entitled Building A Wall, which holds its own quite well. I wonder what would have happened had this NY powerhouse gotten more attention...
Recorded more material... I wonder how much input Type O'Negative's Josh Silver had in the recording and songwriting of this band, even though he was not a member. Questions never to be answered as the mysterious nature of this band remains just that.. mysterious. "Street Child, where have you been? What have you done?" goes the lyric, as I am left to ponder, the street child on the cover heavily armed gazing yonder, holds the key to a mega metal gem.

9 stars

Eamon O'Connor


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