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On disc: Streams Of Blood

The Descent To The Source Of Disorder - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

The Descent To The Source Of Disorder

The Descent To The Source Of Disorder
(Ketzer Records - 2012)

When you appear the way Streams Of Blood do it, outfit including German gas masks and heavy leather coats then you mean serious business. They have chosen their image and live fully up to it in their songs. 8 songs on this debut album from black metallers Streams Of Blood, and they are black and dedicated. More massive black metal will be hard to find on today's market, that's how they are. Deepest Abyss Of My Soul takes you to a black universe where you really have to struggle to get out again. Full Moon Era shows how dedicated they are to black metal, fast aggressive and sublime black metal. Chaos Returns is more of that very dedicated black metal, fast serious and groovy sound. Final Journey is of melodic black metal with lots of class, simply super. Speak With The Serpents ends this phenomenal record with good steady rhythm and aggressive style black metal. This album is a must for all black metal fans.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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