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- Hijos del miedo - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Hijos del miedo

Hijos del miedo
(Avispa - 2006)

The Madrileños started this band in 2004. Singer Leo Jiménez and original drummer Dani Pérez are came from the band Saratoga where Jiménez is still singing. In the same year they released their first album Primer Acto followed in 2005 by Sentimentos. In spring 2006 Dani Pérez and Edu Fernández left the band - Dani Pérez also left Saratoga, coz he no longer wanted to split-up his time between different bands and is now concentrating on Skizoo.
The new line-up now - just 2 months later - presents the single Hijos del miedo with some new versions of songs off their second album and a cover version.
The EP starts with a new version of Dios - a quite heavy melodic track. As I don't know the original I can't make comparisons. Heaviness combined with organ and violin gives the song some dramatic and even some progressive elements. The vocals are high-pitched and can be partly compared e.g. with André Matos, but there are different shades - even some growls. A very interesting track. Next they present Hijo de la Luna. A traditional in a heavy metal outfit. Outside the Spanish-speaking world most will know this one from MTV and commercial radio in the version of Loona. But for metal fans this one is the more appropriate version. A heavy symphonic metal ballad - with some growls, but mainly with clear vocals. The growls are just used as an element for a moment, but this element they use at several tracks. La pasion is the new version, but at the end of this EP you can listen to the former recording. The new version has a bombastic touch, its more epic - which fits to the song very well. At the original Leo Jiménez sings with more grievance, but there it seems that he's pushing it a bit too far. At the new version he pulls back a bit, but due to the dramatic of the instrumentation its more intense.
With Miedo they offer another new track. This is the heaviest track on Hijos del miedo. With fast drumming and heavy riffing, but again the keyboard takes off the edge a bit. Vocally Jiménez lacks a bit the power to stand up against this wall of sound. Personally I think that songs like Dios and La Pasion fits better to his voice, but perhaps next time he'll surprisse me and manage the heavy stuff as well... A new full-length album shall be out in 2007, so let's wait and see. Meanwhile you should check out this one and get an idea about Stravaganzza 2007.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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