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On disc: Stratosphere

Fire Flight - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Fire Flight

Fire Flight
(Escape Music - 2010)

With Stratosphere another Swedish band is offering an album which it's called Fire Flight. Chances are good that a lot fans of powerful melodic metal will give Fire Flight a chance as they have a world-class singer among them - Göran Edman. The album offers 10 catchy tracks, some mid-paced others up-tempo, but always with memorable riffs and good hooks. Russian Summer leads you into the album, for The Battle Within they speed up a bit, but it's not a typical melodic speed metal tune! Guitarist Jonas Larsen is adding some great leads while drummer Jim McCarty, bassist Anders Borre Mathiesen deliver the rhythmic playground keyboarder Jeppe Lund add some melodies. At Enemy Of My Soul keyboard and guitar create the basis for Göran Edman's vocals. Great ballad. With Street Of Moscow they present an 80's AOR track, but a little heavier then back in the days. One of my favorites is Shining Star, this one got me with the first spin! A catchy tune with a slight melancholy touch. Very good! China Girl is spiced up with some Oriental sounds, some passages sound familiar, but you won't think of a specific band. After the balladesque Princess Of The Night it's time for VIP, and this time they will surprise you with twists and turns! And they even embed some classic citations.
Keyboarder Jeppe Lund is the driving force behind Stratosphere, but most of the time he stays in the background and just supports his compositions. Only at the two instrumentals he is showing off his skills. Especially Rendevouz is sticking out, quite heavy and still very melodic and even catchy. The closer is the title track and the second instrumental. Fire Flight shows Stratosphere a little different - compared to Rendevouz. And the ones who aren't into instrumental music, can push stop or start the album allover again.
Stratosphere's sound isn't innovative, but the songs are more then decent, the craftsmanship is excellent and Mr. Edman is ennobling the tracks. AOR, hard rock and melodic metal fans should give this album a chance!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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