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On disc: Stranger Aeons

Lost - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Ledo Takas Records - 2009)

The Lithuanian band Stranger Aeons some might know as Bestija, they renamed in 2009 and as far as I know Stranger Aeons is more metal then Bestija... The single Lost is a kind of appetizer for eNneagon which will soon be released by Ledo Takas records.
They open up with the single version of Lost, a danceable track based on heavy riffs, but they aren't a gothic metal band. They combine progressive elements with heavy riffs, a dark atmosphere, a danceable beat and female vocals. Edita BurbulytÚ isn't offering angelic or operatic vocals, she has a darker timbre then most other female singer, but is able to hit some high notes, too. The track Honeydew is an instrumental version of Why Raise Them? from eNneagon as I learnt... The song is a progressive metal tune which shows their skills and it will be interesting to hear the vocal version.
Last, but not least Kastanas pradeda zydeti a song of Stranger Aeons with lyrics by Lithuanian poet Henrikas Radauskas. Slowly and with acoustic guitar they kick off Kastanas pradeda zydeti where Edita BurbulytÚ is joined by a singer, I have no clue who it is... Anyway, the rest of the sextet joins in and the track becomes a powerful balladesque track. Somehow this song has a certain magic - and I would love to hear more stuff like this!
The opener doesn't seem to represent them best, they are more progressive metal or melodic metal with a progressive edge... Their debut album eNneagon will show what Stranger Aeons are about, meanwhile check out this single which is a free download and can be found at the label's website. Check them out!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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