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On disc: Strana Officina

Rising To The Call - Umberto Mino - 8 stars

Rising To The Call

Rising To The Call
(My Graveyard Productions - 2010)

One of most well known Italian metal bands, the first that sang in Italian metal songs, Strana Officina is back after 23 years with an album of new songs. Many of you are asking why..... We start the story from the death of the 2 former members Dario and Roberto Cappanera, brothers in life and in music, in a car crash. Their legacy was taken by their nephews Dario and Roland Cappanera (guitars and drums) and after the first CD The Ritual, simply a bunch of old songs re-recorded and re-played with a modern production and (finally) a good sound. And a long tour of more than 2 years, their return with new CD Rising To The Call is an important starting point for new listeners!!!
Strana Officina now is not re-playing their old songs (ok, only a couple of songs), but are showing us their new potential as a band with song that sometimes remember you of the duo Ozzy-Zakk like Boogeyman and Night Flyer, and add also the drumming of Rolando Cappanera (for me the only one that could replace Mikkey Dee in Motörhead) and the old-school voice of Bud Ancillotti and the pounding bass lines of Enzo Mascolo and very nice songs like Beat The Hammer and Life: When It's Gone will heal your ears!!!!
One more band from my country that makes me proud!!!! Thanx a lot Strana Officina!!!!

8 stars

Umberto Mino


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