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On disc: Stone Sour

Audio Secrecy - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Audio Secrecy

Audio Secrecy
(Roadrunner Records - 2010)

The band from Des Moines presents their 3rd album, the make-it-or-break-it album. After the self-titled debut in 2002 it took them four years to present Come What(ever) May and another 4 years later it's time for Audio Secrecy, but as Corey Taylor and Jim Root are members of Slipknot it's not like they were wasting time. The guys simply been busy - and it seems they decided to take time to present a powerful album instead of half-baked one.
Audio Secrecy start with the same named instrumental, a dark, melancholy piano intro. Then they head into Mission Statement, a heavy rocker which many fans will already know as it was offered as a free download. The catchy up-tempo rocker makes it easy to get into Audio Secrecy. Corey Taylor's vocals are powerful, melodic, aggressive - partly distorted - and fit well to the heavy guitar riffs off Jim Root and Josh Rand. After the fast Digital (Did You Tell) they ease up a bit for Say You'll Haunt Me which sticks out due to Roy Mayorga drumming and Corey Taylor's expressive vocals. This one will haunt you! Now surprise it was the first single of Audio Secrecy.

Stone Sour get closer to Nickelback with this album then with any previous release. Perfectly demonstrated at Dying which starts balladesque, but then explodes. After the rocker Dying metallic guitar riffs lead you into Let's Be Honest, again the quintet combines heavy riffs with a great melody. Quite heavy is Unfinished, one of my favorites of Audio Secrecy - along Pieces which isn't as heavy as Unfinished, but can hook you up right away. The balladesque Hesitate is lacking something, at least for me... Not a bad song, not at all, but it can't touch me. A metal track it Nylon 6/6 and I doubt this will get a lot airplay... It reminds me a bit of Extreme at Pornograffitti... But that's just a facet of the song. Imperfect is ballad based on acoustic guitar and vocals. Very cool. And the closer Threadbare also starts slowly, speeds up a bit and becomes a heavy, melancholy tune.
The first tracks are very strong ones, but they can't keep this level through out the album. Luckily towards the end they get stronger again with Pieces, Threadbare and The Bitter End.
Stone Sour 2010 is more alternative rock then metal, even if you'll find reminiscences to their past in their songs. With this album Stone Sour is targeting alternative rock and metal fans - and everybody who likes heavy riffs and soaring melodies combined in a modern sound. Well done!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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