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On disc: Stonehaven

Concerning Old-Strife And Man-Banes - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Concerning Old-Strife And Man-Banes

Concerning Old-Strife And Man-Banes
(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions - 2012)

Stonehaven is the black metal band from USA who dug deep in the tragic story of how the ancient Norwegian king Olaf Trygvason led his life and one of his deeds was to torture the pagan priest Raud the Strong, because Raud would not convert to Christianity. The art on the cover of the CD is made by Stonehaven and describes how Raud the Strong was put through many kinds of torture. The second album from Stonehaven is raw and brutal, lots of massive growling but also a fine piece of songwriting with very long song titles, use of different phases in the songs. The first song is Suffering The Swine Array where the style is horror black metal with a very bumping structure in the song and the first example of different phases of music within the song. Of The White Wall And Froz gives us some good hard metal, raw and melodic with a unique guitar sound. Addressing The Scorn Pole is a multisided fast and brutal metal where the creativity is a great asset for Stonehaven. Sword Rape is a good representative for the songs on the album, fast and melodic with the spirit of their basic idea of how to play brutal black metal. All in all a well-written second album from Stonehaven.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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