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On disc: Stille Opprør

- S.o2 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

(Karmakosmetix - 2008

In 2001 Stille Oppr&oslah;r stepped for the first time into the limelight - with their debut Prosjekt 2 13. But mastermind Christer André Cederberg wasn't lazy! Cederberg is also part of In The Woods...., Drawn and Animal Alpha.
I had no idea what to expect, coz I haven't heard about the band ot their mastermind before and the cover artwork looks somehow strange. The opening tune is called L tune - a slow, guitar tune. Emotional and atmospherical... A bit like some slow Pink Floyd songs, but without the catchiness and the progressive elements. The song is floating by... The songs are very relaxed, even if the sounds vary and with Meanwhile it gets a bit more rock. Guitar riffs add some heaviness. Towards the end of the title track a female voice is doing the leads and somehow the song becomes more pleasing.... But not catchy. And with almost 11 minutes it has not enough to offer.
To be honest, there are some nice tunes on this CD, but for me this is elevator music... Or background sounds. There is nothing I really remember of this album. Sure, it's played well and the songs sound good, but as soon as the CD stops, I don't remember anything. No ear catcher.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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