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On disc: Stikki Fykk

- Fazt Carz an' Rock'n'Roll Starz - Claudia Ehrhardt - 1 stars

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Fazt Carz an' Rock'n'Roll Starz

Fazt Carz an' Rock'n'Roll Starz
(B.O. Records - 2000)

Did this guys been in a time capsule and missed the last 15 years? The guys on the cover look like a band which covers these late 80's hair bands mixed with some slease bands... Reading the titles gave me the idea that this might be the German glam / sleaze version of SPINAL TAP.... Personally I can't stand the singer and the lyrics, even the cover version of Poison's Talk Dirty To Me is far-off the original! Poison haven't been one of the most talented bands on the surface of Mother Earth, but this.... Sorry, but who needs a CD like this? If you don't know what album to spend your money for, I can recommend tons of better ones. The rating is kinda showing respect to have the guts to release an album like this. Usually I expect more from a B.O. Records release....

1 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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