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On disc: Sticky Boys

This Is Rock'n'Roll - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

This Is Rock'n'Roll

This Is Rock'n'Roll
(Listenable Records - 2012)

Sticky or not, the French band Sticky Boys are releasing their debut album as the trio declares their admiration for AC/DC and rock'n'roll in general. On the surface this is a nice album that fits perfect for music to be played in your car, fully enjoyable, here you can bang your head on high volume even if it is standard rock'n'roll most of it there is good pieces that won't be held down. Frontman Alex Kourelis sings clear, but not as charming as Bon Scott did in AC/DC, and it is mostly the Bon Scott era that Sticky Boys find their inspiration from. Great Big Dynamite is fast and hard in the AC/DC style especially the constant rhythm that AC/DC made to their trademark. Big Thrill gives you the perfect rock sound, guitar rock of the nicest quality with great guitar performance. The World Don't Go Round starts as standard rock without the biggest appeal, but soon grows into interesting and strong AC/DC based rock music, nice to hear a song that really gets better by the minute. The best song is from the start of the album, Rock'n'Roll Nation. If you think of the AC/DC hit Rock And Roll Damnation you are not far from the point. Driven in the same style Sticky Boys really gets the best out of their idols music, and Rock'n'Roll Nation is a song that you can hear over and over again and still bang your head wildly.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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