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On disc: Stereostoned

Stay Sexy - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

Stay Sexy

Stay Sexy
(Recent Records - 2012)

The new band Stereostoned makes their debut with a fresh sound in their first album, their music based on mixing rock, hip hop and funky music styles. They have made a YouTube performance with the song Never Together, and are now starting to making tour plans for a promotion concert tour through Germany. Everybody need to start somewhere, and Stereostoned has lots of musical talent, using the bass guitar as the most visual instrument in their songs. Never Together is the one in focus now, a melodic hard rock song with potential to place them on the German hit scene, but the song Superstar is better with its fast rocking radio hit ambitions. Also the song Magnum has the same good qualities that could take Stereostoned a big step. A different song is Empty Roads where they get inspiration from Bruce Springsteen to form a quiet rock song with great guitar composure and much feeling in the song. The remaining songs are in the funky department, so they really set out to reach a widespread area of music fans.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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