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On disc: Stereoflux

Stereoflux - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(Zero Music Group - 2009)

Stereoflux from Southern California was founded by songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Aleks with his long time fellow Dave Ruiz (bass). Their aim was to play and have fun. It took awhile til they completed the line-up. They recorded this album and during the recordings drummer Billy Holmes decided to concentrate on family life and left after they finished the album. Meanwhile he got replaced by Dan Hill.
They open up with the fast alternative rocker Photograph. Aleks voice has a melancholy touch, but without sounding whinny and the crunchy guitars add a dash of aggression. A catchy tune which is a good way to start into the Stereoflux sound universe. Dave Ruiz bass leads you into Crazy, a heavy alternative tune with metallic riffs. One of my favorites is You'll Be Back which starts very heavy, but then they ease off and the backings add a dash of pop. Somehow reminds me of something, but it doesn't matter, coz this song is fun!
After Burning they slow down again and offer a semi-acoustic rocker called You Don't Owe Me. At I Can't Tell You they partly use distorted vocals, but it's mainly the crunchy guitar riffs which makes this one sound more aggressive. At the other hand the vocal melody is hooking you up right away. Cool tune! Another cool one is Miles Above You with the staccato riffing and a great lead guitar part, but it's the vocals which make this one stick out. At the end you get 2 acoustic songs, a stripped down version of Photograph and I Saw it Coming. The songs work well acoustically, especially I Saw it Coming. Aleks' voice reminds me of someone, but I can't fathom it... And again it doesn't matter. And with the acoustic version of Photograph the circle closes. Well done!
If you enjoy alternative rock with a metallic edge and a melancholy voice, then check out these guys from Southern Cal!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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