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On disc: Steel Assassin

Metal Of Honor - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Metal Of Honor

Metal Of Honor
(High Roller Records - 2012)

Steel Assassin has more than 30 years of experience, and it shows that they know how to make a good solid blasting metal sound. New vocalist John Falzone has a powerful voice what fits perfect for the style Steel Assassin runs. On their new album, Metal Of Honor, the Americans focus on themes from World War 2, and portraits scenes from Europe on their songs. Attacking power hits you on the first song God Save London where the guitars holds a fantastic steady rhythm and really sets the album on a full speed level. Blitzkrieg Demons are next on the route with drums and guitar together in a humor filled song which is blessed by a super guitar solo to top the cake. The Iron Saint is very dedicated to true classical metal with lots of power and also here there is a genuine fantastic guitar solo. Bastogne is standard metal, hard and fist full, with war atmosphere and the music could be inspired by the style Iron Maiden had in their sound from the 80's. Normandy Angels is more metal inspired by Iron Maiden, a slow and very intense song with roots in the classical heavy metal. The album is ended by a cover version of a good old Rush song, Red Sector A. Perfect metal pressure and a very clean sound, powerful guitars and John Falzone doing a good job to give it his own touch.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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