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On disc: Status Minor

Dialog - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Lion Music - 2009)

Another band from Finland is out to conquer the metal scene - Status Minor. The band of guitarist Sami Saarinen is presenting their debut album Dialog which shows them as powerful progressive metal band. Singer Markku Kuikka is doing a good job at the opener Something More. Out Of These Streets follows, first with some fast staccato riffing, then a break and the songs atmosphere changes. Partly Kuikka reminds me of Andy Engberg, but he has a darker timbre... The keyboard of Jukka Karinen - also Thunderstone - is partly a bit too prominent for me. Catchy, but also very heavy is Stand And Think - and here the keyboard fits in well. Guitarist and founder Sami Saarinen's guitar riffs forcing them ahead and then they slow down first keyboard-based, then the keyboard gives way for a short guitar solo - and back to the main theme. Cool one! The balladesque Masquerade shows them more emotional, but still powerful. At Fade Away some parts remind me of Evergrey, but others are closer to some Scandinavian melodic metal bands... even if way heavier. The title track Dialog is a long one with more then 15 minutes running time, and so they offer some twists and turns. At Dialog everybody gets a chance to shine and they can hook you up easily. The spoken words are an element and so they use voice actors instead of Markku doing this. Towards the end they slow down a bit and the song carries a sadness... But they get heavier again for the final part of the song. Well done!
Status Minor are interesting for fans of powerful prog metal, so if you prefer catchy melodies to showing off skills in endless solo parts, then check out: Machine, Stand And Think, Dialog and Out Of These Streets.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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