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On disc: State Of Rock

A Point Of Destiny - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

A Point Of Destiny

A Point Of Destiny
(Metal Heaven - 2010)

State Of Rock is a new hard rock band and it's Frontline mainman Robby B÷bel, bassist Hutch Bauer, drummer Rami Ali and TNT / Shy singer Tony Mills. And so you will already know what to expect, right? And I think that fans of Frontline, Evidence One or old TNT won't be disappointed. The kick off with Black &: Blue, an up-tempo rocker. Followed by Without My Love, a mid-paced rocker, but you'll also get some balladesque stuff. At Hanging In The Balance you get some heavy riffs and some high-pitched vocals which partly make me think of TNT - what a surprise. ;)
Keyboard leads you into Freedom, a rocker which starts fast, then slows down a bit and becomes a riff-based mid-tempo tune. Count Me Out starts real heavy, then they ease off a bit. A catchy heavy rocker which has a slight 80's flair.
A solid album which will suit the fans of the above mentioned bands as well as hard rock / melodic metal lovers. Tony Mills and Robby B÷bel don't really present something new, but they present a good album.
Check out: Somewhere, Without My Love, Count Me Out and Friction.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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