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On disc: Starsoup

Bazaar Of Wonders - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Bazaar Of Wonders

Bazaar Of Wonders
(Sublimity Records - 2013)

Starsoup is a studio project of singer Alexey Markov (Shadow Host, Distant Sun) who also plays guitars and bass, and keyboarder Andrew Gryaznov (Timesquare).

The opener is called Angels, it's a melodic prog metal tune with a symphonic edge, but also surprises the listener with growls! At Ain't No Superman Alexey Markov shows a bit more of his talent and adds some Clawfinger-like vocals, just to through in some growls while the music stays melodic. Cradle Of War starts slowly and is based in hard rock, first it's only vocals and grand piano - and it shows the talent of Markov. The saxophone adds an 80's touch, but is crossing genre borders. Somehow Rumors Of Better Life reminds me of some acoustic Bonfire tune... Anyway, it's a nice ballad. With Past Bites they back to the powerful melodic prog metal, but they know to surprise the listener with twists and turns. At Bazaar they add Oriental notes and head into prog rock / metal even more. After the instrumental they present another balladesque tune, at Voices Of The Wind they also add female vocals and a counter part vocals. One of the tracks I would recommend to check out, even if it represents just one side of Starsoup. The heavy Perfect Loser is another highlight of the album. Andrew Gryaznov's piano leads into the closer, Rain In The Desert. The opening passage reminds me a bit of Joshua Kadison... It's another instrumental which surprised me, still it's another facet of their sound.

Musically the duo offers prog rock, melodic prog metal and some hard rock-ish tunes which should please every fan of proggish sounds. Vocalist Alexey Markov is varying a lot which makes it very interesting to listen to. I can just recommend to check out some tunes and get your copy!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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