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On disc: Paul Stanley

- Live To Win - Gus Rosa - 8 stars

Live To Win

Live To Win
(Universal - 2006)

After 28 years since his first solo album, the co-mentor and co-leader of Kiss releases a new album and for the first time, an album freed from his mainstream band. The first one was released in 1978 at the same date of the albums from the other 3 Kiss members. Live To Win, accompanying the album A**hole of Gene Simmons, arrives to satisfy the die-hard Kiss fans, avid for new songs of their idols. With lots of musicians playing in the CD, I should not avoid to mention the presence of ex-Kiss guitar player Bruce Kulick playing bass in some songs. As the opposite to the CD of his long time partner, Live To Win is an unpretentious album; pure Paul Stanley with some pinches of modernity, after 28 years passed, Paul definitely not stopped in time. From Live To Win, a hard rock / metal, to Where Angels Dare (the highlight of the album), Mr. Stanley presents what the fans expect of him: Rock and Roll with some ballads and the sweet powerful voice of the master. We can not avoid to mention the ballads, Everytime I See You Around sounds a bit like Forever and Loving You Without You, beautiful songs in the romantic style immortalized by Paul in several Kiss successes. Other good songs are Wake Up Screaming with beautiful vocals and the great Lift (I told you about modern rock? Hey Paul, are you listening to Evanescence recently???). You want Kiss songs? Try Bulletproof and It's Not Me. Some bad notes? Just one song composed only by Mr. Stanley (Loving You Without You) and the fact that Paul insists in composing with Desmond Child, a creator of predictable top hits.
Live To Win isn't a classic like the '78 album, but if you want some fun and listen to new Kiss tunes this is for you. And this album has something that many artists spend their lives searching for it. Charisma! And Paul's charisma seems to be eternal.

8 stars

Gus Rosa


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