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On disc: Stallion Four

Rough Times - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Rough Times

Rough Times
(Pure Rock Records - 2012)

Stallion Four is a promising Swedish band who has 3 demos and on single (Devil In Me) released so far. The band has a great talent, so it's only natural that they are ready with their debut full-length album with the name Rough Times. I hear a musical orientation with a mix of Guns'n'Roses and legends AC/DC from their best times in the 80's, especially the singer Björn Fors has a voice that is quiet similar to Brian Johnson from AC/DC. Basically their music is hard rock, boogie and heavy metal that creates their songs, and they open with Run And Hide, hard rock played professionally as though they had tons of experience. Their best song is the title song Rough Times, a melodic hard rocker where everything falls into place for the Swedish guys, sublime songwriting. Searching Man has a mean boogie rock touch to the rhythm, and it fits the album to get different song directions present as it is their first appearance of making albums. Running Too Hot is the most solid and stable heavy metal that you will find on this record, goes perfectly into the vein of the album with the strong attitude. The Train is more boogie rock'n'roll that could easily have been made by AC/DC, and also Guns'n'Roses has influence on the creation of this great song. Totally there are 10 new songs on the debut album, and everyone of them has an attitude of victory and pride over them.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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